Wise up women, you started this now you must end it!

Women need to start a new movement, women need to start an anti-feminism movement. Women need to come out in numbers against feminism and show guys that we do value the male female relationship because if we do not we will lose that relationship. Guys are going to wake up to the fact the feminist culture that surrounds us completely undervalues the role that they play in male-female relationships and the sacrifices that they have an are making to insure that the male-female relationship still exist.

This is mistake we are making on a cultural level; we are assuming that guys will always be around and willing to make long term commitments to us, we are also assuming that we will not care, that we can make it on our own and that we do not crave  the companionship and support of a male. And if you are looking for evidence of this scenario please look to post-slavery communities. Black men were completely undervalued and at first they did nothing, but slowly they did wake up and they did fight back and that is what the war of the sexes that the rest of our culture is about to undergo looks like.

The thing is we need to start getting honest. We women love men. We need men. We want men. We need to stop shaming the idea that the sexes actually like each other and want to be around each other. Sure relationships are not perfect, in fact they can be super hard but that does not make them completely useless. We are creating a world that undervalues relationships so much that they will soon cease to exist. We are creating a world that undervalues the role that men play in relationships and as a result they will stop playing that role.

If women do not start fighting against the notion that women do not need men we are going to lose men. Instead we will be left with males who are not interested in relationships, who see us only as sexual objects and whose only option with respect to fighting this feminists culture is to say we do not need you either. We will end up with hook-up culture replacing marriage and not only will the both sexes lose companionship and family life but society and children will lose out as well.

Women we started this, let’s end it!! Speak out, speak out against a culture that devalues men, speak out against the notion that women do not need men, speak out against the idea that women must be independent, speak out so that men will know that we do care, that we do want them to be in our lives and that we are willing to fight to end the war of the sexes.


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