Biology always gets what it wants; the internal and external battle between self and society.

The picture above shows what I think biology prefers. I will write more on this soon. There is not one patriarchy or one matriarchy or ne socialism or one capitalism, over time it is a cycle that has happened an uncountable number of time in every layer of society and even within our minds. We settle with the parts that favor society that we need while taking the parts that favor self that we can.

Feminism/Egalitarians as the third option: continued from this post..

Biology does not want or care about male female equality or interchangeability, biology just wants us to compete to survive both on an individual level and a societal level. It wants the best genes; the best individual genes and the genes of the best society. Feminists want equality/interchangeability, but since biology is ultimately in “control” they are not going to get it.

If you look closely at feminism the first thing you will start to notice is contradictions: they appear everywhere. Just think of the fact that feminists have recently made a huge fuss over the video blurred lines saying that it is sexist to the core. This video is sexist because naked women are on display for men. But to feminists it is also sexist when men are naked, because in that case it is sexual repression that women have to hide their chest while men can freely expose theirs. It is the societal claim that only men respond in a sexual way to nudity.

They do not want to be objectified but they want to be able to be naked?? This is a contradiction and that is just not the way things work. You have to choose: objectification or clothing! There is no natural third option. It is the same with being an independent career woman vs. being a dependent traditional minded woman. You have to choose feminists and independence means that you take care of the kids and provide for the kids etc.

Biology is not interested in female male interchangeability, biology is interested in two general settings. One in which males and females generally do not commit but rather males compete for female attention resulting in the best males passing on their genes and one in which males and females work together for the benefit of society resulting in higher birthrates on a societal level. This third option that feminists are pushing for is not interesting to biology and how it will end is like this:

Feminists will say: we want independence, we want affirmative action, we to focus on women and giving women access to male spaces.

Men will say: Okay take it, now that you are independent you do not need me right?? See you when I need sex!!

We are in a transition so the feminist do not see it coming but it will come, men will give up on the relationship idea and develop a culture of pursuing women only for sex. It is a competitive culture. It will end exactly as biology wants it. I have seen it, it is on display for the world in Jamaican culture. Women in the past told Jamaican men that they did not need them and that is exactly what the men did. They responded in the only logical and rational way they could respond. And who won the war of the sexes?? Not men, not women, not children, BIOLOGY won.

And the reason why the third option that feminists want does not work is because that option is not equality. It is actually far less equal than the traditional model or the model where women are sole responsible for children. Right now we have a situation where men are expected to pay child support for children that women take care of. Children come with cost and benefits. Money to support them fall on the cost side, caring for them is also a cost, but bonding with them, receiving their love and watching them grow etc are all benefits. When a male is paying child support for a child that he does not have access to and whose mother teaches him/her to dislike his/her father the male is paying a cost for something that he receives no benefit from.

This is inequality and so it can not last, women are going to have to give up custody over children and pay men child-support if the model that feminists say they want is going to work. The average woman does not want this. But it is likely that it will happen. Either that or males paying child-support for kids the do not see will end. Either way it will trend towards something more equal than we have today and we will end up on the top end of that picture where relationships do not last as the sexes are generally independent of each other.

So, like the picture shows, in good/easy times, biology is less interested in male female relationships than in harsh times. In good times it benefits biology for the sexes to be independent because then you get competition among all males and among all females for the opposite sex and you have the genes of only the individuals who win this competition being passed on. In bad times though it is more beneficial for men and women to work together because then you get a more efficient system and a better child-survival rate. What is important to remember is that in the end BIOLOGY always wins!


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