I’m offended by feminism. I’m OFFENDED by FEMINISTS!!

So some women are offended by cat-calling and chivalry. I’m not offended by cat-calling..in fact I take any cat calling as a compliment..BUT I’m not the only person in the world and if some people are offended by cat calling then it is true that cat callers should stop.

Now that we have agreed on that I just want to say I AM OFFENDED BY FEMINISM AND FEMINISTS!! I’m totally offended by them, I’m offended that they claim to represent women and I’m offended by EVERYTHING that comes out of a feminists persons mouth. I’m offended that they exist, I’m offended by the world feminism and feminist.

I know YOU arent offended by it but I am ..so please be considerate and stop being a feminists! It offends me!


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