Women Against Feminism

I literally can not express how happy I am that the group Women Against Feminism finally exist. Oh my goodess. Traditional women have been waiting for this forever. This is not a traditional minded group, but so far it seems to be secular and it (unlike any other group out there) ACCEPTS traditional minded people.

I am a woman against feminism. Thank you #womenagainstfeminism


The problem with MRAs against both traditionalism and feminism is…

They do not know what feminism is. They claim both are gynocentric. YES both are!
And so they do not want either, they want actual equality. Actual equality between two things that are different is unstable! It would be like me asking for equality between me and my kids. We are not equal.. that would never be equality.. I cant expect my kids to go to work and earn as much money as I do because they are not equal to me.

So back to MRAs: they fantasize about equality, without seeing that that is pretty much impossible… AND that by advocating for it they lead society towards a feminist society.

You see the in the end a feminist society is not one where men have NO rights.. it is one where relationships are unstable, men do have rights in a feminist society, men are free of the responsibility of women and children in a feminist society. The feminist society ends as many poor black communities with high rates of singles ends. And by asking for this mythical equality instead of embracing some sort of structure MRAs lead us exactly where feminist want us to be.

Without structure and roles we all do what is best for ourselves. Women whore out their bodies and men buy women’s bodies, males are not a part of the family unit and relationships do not last. MRAs are liberals, they want social freedom but do not understand the cost of it. Feminist are also liberals.. they will take us to a place that I have been to. They will take us to a place without fathers, with low birthrates and a bleak future.