fuck gender equality!

What the hell is equality between the sexes?? I mean WHAT is it? Is it the sexes being the same? Why would anyone desire that? Why?? What would be the point? Shouldn’t we just try to make relations between the sexes good and make sure that people are HAPPY. Why equality? Who came up with this bullshit. 



Anti-feminist Anti-Feminism Chat Room?

why is there no Anti-feminists chatroom, why can’t anti feminists who are not MRAs get their act together and form a proper group?

If you want to start one please let me know!

An Open letter to Men’s Rights Activists!

Dear MRAs,

In cultural terms; You have failed women. Now I know that the typical MRA response to that is going to be we do not care. After all you are a MEN’s group .. your aim is not to please women. But guess what? The sexes do not live in isolation. Admit first that one of the reasons you as a male initially did not like feminism was because feminism represents women’s failure to work together with men, to understand what men are going through and to work together with them to find social solutions. Feminism is selfish and SO ARE YOU!

MRAs you are a huge disappointment to me. I know it is not your fault and that women started this battle but I looked up to men before knowing about you all. I thought men were the protectors of women (well I still think that), I thought men would protect traditional minded women and stand up for us. I thought that you all would understand that the traditional woman is not against you BUT YOU DO NOT. Every single time MRAs side with feminists against traditional women.

You call us gold-diggers, you call us lazy, you say we are looking for the easy way out, you say we are wolves in sheep clothing.. you agree with the feminists about equality. You fail to protect us from feminism, from equality, from a much harder role in life and we resent you for that failure. That failure of yours will lead to broken homes and an unstable society. You will eat your cake, you will be free of slaving after ungrateful women, but you will also not have your cake when it is gone, you will have to live in the broken society that you have created, that you are content to create.

You want to know the truth about traditionalism?? It is the easy road! It is 10*times easier for me to be a stay at home mother than it is for me to be a working mom. I am lazy, I am a gold digger but that is not as shameful as you wish to make it sound. Would you lift a piano and walk ten miles with it when you can put it in a pick up truck and drive the 10 miles?? No! Then by your logic you are lazy as well. It is simply easier to have one job as opposed to two and traditional minded women see that. We acknowledge that. But we have NO support from the male community. Traditional men are silent, they do not exists they have become MRAs, they now want equality with women, they want wives that work!

So we work! We do double the work and then the feminists see that they screwed us over so they ask men to do more housework, and MRAs say sure but guess what we are not attracted to men that can not or are unwilling to take care of us. We can’t respect you, and even if you are doing half of the housework, having two jobs feels more stressful than having one job. So if you really wanted to make our lives easier you would support our right to stay at home. Yea MRAs who believe in genocentrism and who agree with “equality”, I am disappointed, I expected more from you!

On all legal issues I agree with MRAs though.. you all need more rights legally speaking. But on cultural issues you have failed women.


Traditional Mama!

Female Anti-feminist! Rant! I AM NOT A FEMINIST!

Problems with Feminism:

It is sexist– They turn everything into gender issues when somethings should just be issues. You do not like rape? Great campaign against rape.. not rape against women just RAPE in general.. it is NOT a female issue. You do not like fat shamming, campaign against that not against fat shaming women.. STOP GENDERING EVERYTHING IT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. It is super sexist, it leaves out half the population and assumes women are the only ones who face these issues.

It makes women victims– WE ARE NOT OPPRESSED. MY GOD I AM NOT OPPRESSED BECAUSE I AM FEMALE. I JUST AM NOT OPPRESSED. Only someone really stupid or who has never seen anything close to actual oppression could think that I am oppressed. I AM NOT OPPRESSED BY MEN AND YES I HAVE A VAGINA. You do not want to be a part of patriarchy? DON’T. PROBLEM SOLVED MOVE ON. YOU ARE NOT OPPRESSED. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM AND NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU.

Feminist turn everything into a pity party for women, oh poor us, we are oppressed by men. Oh my for centuries we have had it so bad, rape, marriage, no politics. They IGNORE male sacrifice and what men have had to face, they ignore male oppression. IT MAKES ME FUCKING SICK. You feminists are sick, very sick and it is sick that you can not see how SELF-CENTERED you are. Blind to the sacrifices that others have and are making. Yes.. its all about women. Do not even deny that you think life is unfair to women, you are being blind.. please look beyond your own issues.

Women are responsible for nothing in the mind of a feminist, why? Oh because we are weak victims who never ruled the world and have been dominated and oppressed by men forever.

It is like religion– It is an ISM. It is painfully stupid to say you are a feminist if you believe in male/female equality. What is male female equality? What does that mean?? Is it us doing the same thing? Having the same value? Looking the same? Having the same reproductive rights? How is that achieved? … male female equality covers too wide a range of issues to answer that question with a simple yes. It obviously depends on the situation and the specific issue at hand. Feminism is like religion it is close-minded and you are essentially saying that you agree whatever the majority of feminists think is true when you call your self a feminist. Instead of being a feminist why not try actual independent and critical thought. It goes like this: you hear about an issue you think about it FOR YOURSELF objectively and with accurate data to aid you and THEN you come up with your OWN thoughts on the issue.. you do not need a movement to THINK FOR YOU!! TRY IT, you will be fine!

It is one dimensional– It is one sided. They think they have the answer for everything. There is a wage gap? wHY? SEXISM!!!! Elliot Rogers kills 6 people? Why? SEXISM!!!!! Crime exists? Why? SEXISM!!!!!!! Rape exists?? Why? SEXISM!!! Not enough female engineers? Why?? SEXISM!!!! Not enough men like being stay at home dads?? Why?? SEXISM!!!!!! Global warming?? Why? SEXISM!!!!! They are like parrots every bad thing in the world is because of………….SEXISM .. and of course MISOGYNY!!!!!!!