#notALLwomen #notAllWomen #notAllwomen

Feminists, stop speaking for me. NOT all women because I am a woman and I do not fear men, I do not think I experience more sexism than men do, my life is not harder than the average male around me, I do not walk around fearing rape, I do not get cat-called, or harassed and MOST IMPORTANTLY I DO NOT WANT YOU SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF ME!!

Stop putting me in a box because of my gender. NOT ALL WOMEN. I do not experience what you do, so #yesALLfeminists.. not #yesALLwomen cause I am a woman and I experience less negative sexism than all of the males around me do. I am a woman and I acknowledge and see the sexism males experience, I am a woman and I rather speak for myself than have you do it for me! If you want to know about my life ask me! Do not assume that I have been through what you have been through because I am a woman.