Feminist contradictions. You say you are a feminist and you love men

You say you are a feminist and you love men, why then does feminism talk so much about male privilege  without mentioning male sacrifice or female privilege??

You say you are a feminist and you believe in choice, why then does feminism talk so much about a lack of female scientist and judges without respect for the voices of women who say they would be happier spending time with their children? Why then do all forms of feminism oppose the patriarchy, is that not a choice?

You say you are a feminist and you are against victim blaming, why then do you tell women they should all be independent because husbands whose wives are dependent on them may feel safer to abuse them? Why do you tell women to be independent instead of telling men not to hit?!

You say you are a feminist and you want equality, why then are you not fighting for male reproductive rights right along with your fight for female reproductive rights?

You say you are a feminist and you are against catcalling, why then do you criticize cultures that ask their women to wear more clothing and encourage women to walk the streets wearing slut-like clothes or nothing at all when any one can see that less clothing results in more catcalling??

You say you are a feminist and that women were oppressed, why then were men fighting at the forefront of all of the all the wars fought by patriarchal societies and routinely expected to lay down their lives if it meant saving the lives of women and children????

You say you are a feminist and that you are different, I say you need to learn what feminism really is. I say you are a hypocrite, I say if you do none of the things listed above you are not a feminist!


6 thoughts on “Feminist contradictions. You say you are a feminist and you love men

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  2. Well, as our laws stand now I don’t believe men should get a say in abortion. I could never consider that an UNWED father should get a say in abortion. For a married father who carries the sole obligation to provide both his wife and children the necessities such as food, clothing, a home to live in and medical care then, yes, he should get a say. But, as I always say, this is the price men pay when they are not fulfilling their obligations for women and children. What MRAs do not understand is that men used to have to support illegitimate children if the mother chose to pursue him. The unwed father, however, had no legal standing to pursue rights without her consent. This is not a new thing that came about because of feminism by any means. However, until the 1970s (when feminists went around saying illegitimacy was no big deal) it was found Unconstitutional in the delusional minds of five liberal justices to treat an unwed father differently than an unwed mother. Now ever state pretty much gives the unwed father all the rights of a married father. He does not have any obligation to provide her with so much as a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy so most certainly I wouldn’t be on board to give him rights over the womb. The idea that a man should be able to force a woman to bear his children when he does not have to support her or even marry her to obtain rights is absurd and I think these MRAs need to get that in their heads. They want all the rights but none of the responsibilities for women and children that come along with it.

    Here is my take on it:



    I think I’m going to do a posting sometime soon about this issue.

    • Definitely! By male reproductive rights I mean the ability for them to say they do not want to be father at some point before the woman loses her right to a abortion and therefore not have to pay child-support etc. I do not agree with with it only because I have seen the effects of it in Jamaica, but it is equality, it is what would be just, it is fair to men. Feminists in their quest for equality should be campaigning for that just as hard as they are campaigning for abortion rights for women. Is that not what someone who cares about gender equality would do.

  3. Male privilege permeates through the whole of society, it is larger and broader than issues related particularly to women.

    If women want to stay home that’s fine. But when it’s the majority of women then there is a gender imbalance in economics, law, social justice, education, science and any other major decision making area of life and this causes major problems. It’s not that being a mother isn’t important, it’s that so are many other things, and when women who have more to offer the world than baby raising skills don’t use them, it’s a loss to society.

    We do tell men not to hit, but then they hit us anyway, and when they do we need to have our own finances in order to make separating from him easier. Husbands used to be able to shut down women’s bank accounts if they wanted to punish them. A friend of mine’s ex husband used to not give her money for groceries so she couldnt buy the kids food when he was mad at her. Many men allow their finances to be a tool for leadership and if they’re not making positive decisions then it’s not a good thing. In this life it is always better to have options because we’re not living in la la land.

    Clothing does not determine whether or not a man sexually degrades a woman. Men say sexist things to us regardless of what we’re wearing. I have been in daggy jeans and a sweater and flat shoes and had guys hang out car windows and scream things at me, mostly what they’d like to do to me sexually. It made me feel really really awful. It enraged me. I felt objectified and helpless, particularly when they drive off quickly without any consequence. You’re blaming women for men’s bad behavior. Join the droves, that mentality is a part of why feminism has to exist.

    Saving women and children is not the goal of war. Do some reading on history. Conquering, land, money and power are the reasons for war. It has always been mostly men declaring war and warring. War is not a woman’s thing and it is not for women that men war. If you want to know why men war then ask men. Also, the abuse against women and children during war time is epidemic. Again, do some research.

    A feminist is not a hypocrite because she is not dividing her desire for justice equally between two problems that are not equal to each other. Mens problems are not as various and numerous as women’s. I have seen many people try to list them to prove otherwise, but they can never come up with as many, why? Because for millions of people on the planet one of the worst things that can happen to you is being born a girl, not a boy.

    • Thanks for your comment

      “”But when it’s the majority of women then there is a gender imbalance in economics, law, social justice, education, science and any other major decision making area of life and this causes major problems”” — so you admit that feminism is not about choice?? You all do have an agenda to have women working in equal numbers to men… what are the major problems you speak of? abuse? misrepresentation? there are other ways to fix these problems. Forcing women into a working world that was not created for them also causes major problems like broken homes and children who do not get enough attention while growing up.

      “”We do tell men not to hit, but then they hit us anyway, and when they do we need to have our own finances in order to make separating from him easier”””—- totally in agreement but that was not my question. my question is is it not then hypocritical to make a fuss when men give advice as to how women can minimize their chances of getting raped when you are allowed to give advice on how women can minimize their chances of getting hit???

      I am saying it takes two to tango, you dress well, try wearing less clothing and going out you most likely will receive even more attention. There is a correlation between cat-calling and the type of clothes you wear. It does not mean that all women need to dress up, but you cannot go out wearing almost nothing and then complain about sexual attention. It is not about blaming women just like telling women to get a job to avoid getting stuck in an abusive relationship is not about blaming women. It is not about blame it is about asking women to accept responsibility for their actions.

      “”Conquering, land, money and power are the reasons for war””—- and what do you think land and money was used for??? I’ll bet it was used to feed women, children and society at large. People do not just collect land to look at it. Also I was not talking about war when I said lay down their lives for women and children, I was talking about things like in a burning building or on titanic, patriarchal societies usually have codes of honor than require men to put the lives of women and children first.

      To me your post was hypocritical because you ask women to work to avoid getting hit yet refuse to let women take any other form of responsibility, like for example how they dress and the consequences that follow.

  4. ‘Feminism’ came about not because of strong women but because of weak men. Men have all too often shirked their duties and abandoned their wives and children. Women are compensatory by nature, and will step in to bear the burden. Liberals have exploited women by using them to break down the idea of the nuclear family. Thus both men and women have suffered along with any children involved. It is the duty of the man, not the woman, to protect and provide. It is the duty of the woman to be the care-giver to the children and the companion to the man. They must stand side by side, not one above the other. Sorry, Ladies, but the man should still be the head of the family and do his duty because it is the right thing to do, not because there are penalties for failure to do so. I was married to a woman who couldn’t comprehend this. She is now married to another man who says that she can’t comprehend this. There is your ‘feminism’ in action.

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