Review of the movie “The Intern” by an Anti Feminist.

Today I saw the movie “The Intern”

Today I also dropped my kid off to school. I am a stay at home mom (who brings in an income at the very moment).

Okay so I didn’t like it, I didnt like the way they painted stay at home mothers and I didnt like that they failed to address any of the issues that were present in the relationship between Matt and Jules. I also didnt like that she happily took all the credit for a business that in her own words “would not have been possible without the support of her husband”… before you judge my comments hear me out.

  • How they painted Stay at Home Moms… Okay the first encounter with stay at home moms was when she dropped her kids off to school. Now I live in a pretty traditional society.. I live in the UAE. And even here dads regularly drop off their kids to school regardless of the fact that most of the moms are the ones who stay at home. This very morning as I dropped off the kids I met with the father of one of my mommy friends.. this was the conversation:

Me: Hi, where is LoLo (I changed her name but her real name is not any less weird)?

Him: She is at home

Me: Oh why? is one of the kids sick? I wanted to find out what she said she would bring to the party this Saturday? But well I will call her..what is she doing today?

Him: Oh there is a party on Saturday, I dont know what she does today..

Me: Yes, you all are coming she said she would make something but I’m not sure what.. I will find must be busy.. you will soon be late to work, let me not take up your time

Him: No, my company is flexible if i’m late to work I will just leave a bit later, this Saturday we have to move house (as they are moving) so our day will be busy

Me: I’m pretty sure LoLo said you all were coming though, but I will talk to her, that is nice with your company but still earlier to work means, earlier home so see you on Saturday maybe.

The End.

Now please tell me if this means I have ISSUES with working men in 2015.. because basically the conversation with her at her daughters school was exactly the same/ or close enough to my conversation with him and NO it does not mean I have issues with working men..

Here is the the thing LoLo normally drops her kids, so naturally I would ask..where she is.. it does not mean that I’m trying to point out to him that he is a working dad and is often not there. I dont think he is an idiot, he knows that he doesnt usually drop the kids.

Secondly, me telling him he has work and that I dont want to take his time was me being nice, I know that he has work and I just dont want to take his time..My husband also has a job and I know it is better for him to be on time rather than late and why would I talk to him about things that LoLo does.. it is better to talk to her directly. It means nothing, it certainly doesnt mean I dislike working dads.

Jules was very touchy and unrealistic in her expectations on SAHMs..she was judgmental and took their words in a negative way when I highly doubt they cared that she worked. If anything they just saw her as someone who works really hard. She misjudged them.

  • Okay on to issues in their relationship. Here is the thing, men and women are not the same. Even if feminists wish it into being it is not so. A stay at home father does not have the same experience as a stay at home mother. His life is harder, ESPECIALLY so if he is the only one as said in the movie. He is in a sea of mothers, who is he going to connect with? How is he going to spend the 6 plus hours while his daughter is at school? Of course he would be unhappy, lonely and depressed in this setting.. who wouldnt be? He is unhappy because he is unfulfilled and lonely JUST as women get unhappy in similar situations and NO FEMINIST¬†would say to a family in this situation.. “woman, deal with it..he is a man and has the right to work hard”. He is a husband, in a family and has the obligation to change his life so that his wife is happy, just as women have the same obligation. RELATIONSHIPS are a two way ¬†street.
  • And lastly she didnt build the company alone, she did it with his help. He was a part of it and he is a part of her so yes she should give it all up for him if that is what it takes to fix their relationship, though I highly doubt that is the solution but if it was there is nothing wrong with her considering it.

So yea that is my review.. I loved the interns character, but I didnt like the movie. They painted stay at home mom’s wrong and didnt address the fact that family is more important than work.