Working moms STOP your nonsense, SAHM stop the nonsense!! Really STOP!

Listen do you hear waitress women saying to doctor women,”you dont work as hard as I do?” “you are privileged” “all you female doctors think you are smarter” “born with a silver fork, never had to work a day in your life” “all you doctor women are spoilt”


BECAUSE THE MOMMIES WARS IS BULLSHIT!! Who cares what stay at home moms do with their day? Who cares what choices you make about your own career? You care, your family cares, your kids care and that IT.. NO ONE ELSE CARES. NO ONE CARES..

Really, no one cares!

All moms are working moms.. the stay at home mom vs. working mom concept is a false concept. The entire concept is a trick!


Just because someone’s job looks easier than yours does not mean they dont have a job, just because someone appears to get no pay check does not mean they make no financial impact, just because someone chooses to work in a lower paid job or even a negatively paid job (I’ve done this before by opening businesses that failed or so) doesn’t mean that they dont have a job.

NO working moms you don’t do EVERYTHING stay at home moms do and more.. that would be impossible since you clearly pay someone to look after your kids while at work right? or are you paying them for the fun.

NO stay at home moms you dont care more about your kids than working moms… that is just stupid how much someone cares for their kids, how “good” a parent is something very individual you think you care about your kids more than your husband does? NO you dont, yet he works.

This is just silly. THERE IS NO DISTINCTION between the two.. what stay at home moms do during their day is work.. if that work looks easier to you as a working mom than your job.. OKAY.. go bitch at all the people in the world who appear to have easy jobs not just stay at home moms. And to the moms who think staying at home is better… what is good for you is not good for everyone..GET OVER IT!


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