The type of movement I want to see!

I want to see a movement that aims to destroy the myth that women in the past were useless. The myth that taking care of children is a piece of cake, the myth that war and resources were more valuable and interesting and worthwhile than what happened in the home.

This is a myth and EVERYONE buys into it.

Feminists call the past patriarchy and complain that women were not ALLOWED to do anything interesting (BS).. We did interesting stuff, we got pregnant and had kids and cared for them..why is that not as good as what men did? why is going out to work more interesting than that?

I want to see a movement that shows people that caring for kids is not useless and that is was and is work. That it takes time, it takes patience, it takes work. All mothers are working mothers. The sphere that initially belonged to women is just severely undervalued by society as a whole and we need a movement to change that!


Men Against Feminism

Why dont men also post picture saying why they are against it? I think those types of pictures could be really interesting?