A post for the MRAs

So yesterday I accidentally looked at two documentaries on youtube on very fat people. One was on the fattest woman in the world:

The other was on the fattest man in the world.

Okay these two documentaries are literally night and day and if you view them as a representation of statistical facts (I am not sure if they are or not)… men are angels and women really suck.

So the fattest woman in the world is taken care of by her husband.. you have to see the documentary to see just how well this man takes care of her and fully supports her through literally everything. He respects her wishes, cooks for her, cleans her everyday with devotion and love, he helps her crap and piss like you would for a newborn baby.. he is the perfect husband. When she is finished with surgery and can walk he remarries her. He loves her unconditionally.

The fattest guy in the world has a wife to care for him. She is horrible to him and is bitter about his inability to have sex with her and get her pregnant. She leaves him at one of the lowest points in his life (due to uncertainty with the surgery) and he ends up committing suicide and dies. She is rude to him throughout and does not care for him as well as she should. She also constantly makes it seem like she is giving up so much to be with him. She is generally mean to him and treats him like a child and does not respond well to him expressing how depressed he is.

So yea this is one for the MRAs.. nothing good about women can seen in these documentaries. And may that guy R.I.P.


Stay-at-Home Moms Suck

Here is the thing stay at home moms suck because they are lazy and don’t do half of what us working moms do (ie. working). They wake up late and are happy to put the full financial burden on the men they claim to “love”. You want to know why it is not okay for little girls (or boys for that matter) to grow up saying “I want to be a stay at home mom” because it is an unfair aspiration. What would you say to your child if they said they wanted to grow us and live on welfare?? Well that is exactly what you should tell your “aspiring stay at home mom”. By telling little girls that they can be ANYTHING and that it is okay to want to be a stay at home mom you are telling them that it is okay to want to depend unfairly on another human being.

Why should the entire financial burden be on one person? How is that fair to the husband of the stay at home mom? How is that love? When you love someone you try to make their lives easier not harder. And I know that some stay at home moms do not choose that life and would rather work. To those moms I hope you find a job soon and maybe you should work from home in the mean time. But to the rest, the stay at home moms who “choose” to stay at home, who choose “their kids” and end up with so much free time that all you can think to do is sit behind your computer screens and find ways to make working moms feel guilty about being away from their kids all day: you suck!

You are a parasite, you live off of another human being who actually works and contributes to society, you add burdens to him by producing more and more dependent kids, you do nothing useful all day and your day is completely and totally useless. Technology has freed up your role and made it possible for you to get a job so at least admit that the ONLY reason you are not working is because deep down you are simply too lazy to do so and you were lucky enough to find someone dumb enough to support your lazy life style. And no, you do NOT deserve the pay of a day care worker or driver or cook… because society has found far more efficient ways of doing all of those things and if you were not a dinosaur you would know that.

A day care worker helps take care of 6 or more kids at one time.. all within a similar age group.. you do not. A cook feeds hundreds of people a day.. you do not. What they do actually adds to a system that is efficient and helps society to run better and produce more. What you do is very inefficient and adds nothing to society. So yes you suck, get off your high horse, your kids do not need you and would probably be getting a much better world experience if they were at daycare/school, learning things in an environment tailored towards them, interacting and learning from other kids, making friends and allowing you to actually be useful. Daycare workers provide a service that frees up the time of working moms so that women can contribute to the society we live in, you provide pretty much nothing and then complain about having it so hard.

You suck.

And yes this satire and a click and bait article filled with the fears and thoughts that actually run through the mind of a stay at home mom.


I love white knights and Black men SUCK!

This is a post on white knighting and black men. I do not understand the need to shame men for white knighting. I am not against cultural norms or things that naturally develop in cultures to police the behaviour of others BUT the shaming of “white knights”makes no sense to me.

As far as I can see the only reason white knights are shamed is to give all men the freedom to behave like complete assholes to women with no consequences to pay. In the MRM in general only men can police the behaviour of men. It’s the same way male criticism is not seen as valid with respect to feminism but “Women Against Feminism” are seen as a threat.

So in response to this the MRM create “white knighting”. White knighting is defending a woman. What if a woman needs to be defended? What is wrong with standing up for what YOU believe is right? The answer is nothing and there is no reason to impose another artificial gender role of not being “white-knights” onto men. Men need less gender roles, not more. Men need the freedom to be goofy, to defend women, to not defend women, to love and sacrifice for women, to not, to be gay, or girly, to be strong and masculine, to be chivalrous and to not be etc. etc.


What if you think it is wrong to hit another person regardless of who threw the first punch? I know that is my opinion. My opinion is that the guy who got hit should deal with that in another way (walking away, reporting the aggressor etc.) just as a girl should. And regardless of who the genders are if I can stop a fight I would. Though admittedly this is not an ideal example of what they call white knighting. So that brings me to the black men suck part of this post.

Now I know a lot of black men and they are great in general but these two on Facebook claim to represent black men and they undoubtedly suck. So someone who added me to their friends list on Facebook after seeing me post on “Women Against Feminism” page is an MRA. He then posted the topic below and I responded to it.


The replies when like this.

text blackmen

I guess you have to open it in a new page to see it. Two black males responded completely telling lies about black women and bashing us like crazy and just taking a bunch of nonsense and attacking me for no reason at all. And they know that they can say whatever they want because the mutual friend between us is and MRA and it would be white knighting for him or anyone else reading that who is male to say anything logical and true.. even if it is logical and true because well.. white knighting.

For those who don’t want to read the Facebook text. It went like this. I said.. well both black women and black men have issues and need to change. One guy then says no, it is all on women as they run the guys away and raise the kids badly, they are not wife material. I said and what about the men, they leave and don’t take care of the kids are they husband material? ¬†At this point I thought we are somewhat joking with each other because he said some stereotypical nonsense about black women so I replied with stereotypical nonsense about black males so he can see how it feels. I think we were joking around there actually. Then all of a sudden they get upset and another black guy comes in saying ONLY black women respond to criticism with black men suck too and that HE is a decent guy and half of black women have herpies (an std). So I said I’m decent as well and don’t have stds and couldn’t find a decent black male so both black men and women need to change. Then they say I’m on an ego trip because I have a white man (evidence is via my profile pic lol) and that i’m saying NABWALT (not all black women are like that).. when HE was the one who started with not all black men are like that. They also claimed my husband is a simp/weak (which is something that should not be shamed) and that I’m trying to use black men as an excuse for black women and we suck and lots of other things that were mostly derogatory.