Feeding Ducks, Feminism, Liberalism and a bit of Racism!

So today on the way home my daughter wanted to feed ducks. We were coming back from a doctors appointment. Usually in the Netherlands they say not to feed the ducks as it is unhealthy for them, but she was so excited to do it so we did.

There were two cookies lefts, I broke on into pieces and gave her to feed the ducks. She took the entire cookie and threw all the pieces into the pond. This annoyed me because there were eleven ducks and the reason I broke the cookie into piece was because I wanted them each to get some of the cookie. By throwing all the pieces into the pond at one spot only three or four ducks had access to the cookies. So I changed my approach. With the second cookie. I gave her one piece at a time, but she still managed to out smart me. You see she simply is not attached to the concept that all the ducks must be fed equally so she threw each piece of cookie into the pond at exactly the same spot. The result was a duck fight, which one duck won and that duck ended up eating most of the cookie. Many of the ducks got nothing at all.

To me my daughter is mother nature in this story. Nature is not at all concerned with the idea that we should all be fed and for a very good reason: it seeks the best not necessarily the nicest group. Liberalism and Feminism are both anti-nature in this sense. Feminism would see the fight between the ducks call it patriarchy and claim that the very best thing would be for none of the ducks to fight, for them to create a culture of sharing and waiting one’s turn. And that can work if all the ducks play by the rule..BUT the moment one duck says no, this culture falls back to nature.

The anti war idea only works if we all play along and us all playing along REQUIRES feminist and liberal cultures to enforce VERY strict cultural norms on us. It requires these cultures to demonize those that compete and win. It requires them to create a false narrative of white oppressors, of evil winners. The ducks who got the cookie pieces are in no way evil, they are simply good at natures game. They did well and received the prize of the cookie in return. Instead of honoring that liberals view the world through the eyes of the parent.. they want all ducks to be fed so they demonize the strongest ducks in an attempt to stop them from getting a head. The problem is that this approach really will only ever work once the ducks arent very hungry. Because when the strong ducks are hungry no one cares what the liberals and feminist have to say.

EDIT** On reading this over I see that I compare feminism to a somewhat socialist movement with their desire for everything to be fair. That is unfair to them as I dont think they are really socialist in fact the society they desire is more free and capitalistically designed than patriarchy is. It still does require everyone to play along though.


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