Working moms STOP your nonsense, SAHM stop the nonsense!! Really STOP!

Listen do you hear waitress women saying to doctor women,”you dont work as hard as I do?” “you are privileged” “all you female doctors think you are smarter” “born with a silver fork, never had to work a day in your life” “all you doctor women are spoilt”


BECAUSE THE MOMMIES WARS IS BULLSHIT!! Who cares what stay at home moms do with their day? Who cares what choices you make about your own career? You care, your family cares, your kids care and that IT.. NO ONE ELSE CARES. NO ONE CARES..

Really, no one cares!

All moms are working moms.. the stay at home mom vs. working mom concept is a false concept. The entire concept is a trick!


Just because someone’s job looks easier than yours does not mean they dont have a job, just because someone appears to get no pay check does not mean they make no financial impact, just because someone chooses to work in a lower paid job or even a negatively paid job (I’ve done this before by opening businesses that failed or so) doesn’t mean that they dont have a job.

NO working moms you don’t do EVERYTHING stay at home moms do and more.. that would be impossible since you clearly pay someone to look after your kids while at work right? or are you paying them for the fun.

NO stay at home moms you dont care more about your kids than working moms… that is just stupid how much someone cares for their kids, how “good” a parent is something very individual you think you care about your kids more than your husband does? NO you dont, yet he works.

This is just silly. THERE IS NO DISTINCTION between the two.. what stay at home moms do during their day is work.. if that work looks easier to you as a working mom than your job.. OKAY.. go bitch at all the people in the world who appear to have easy jobs not just stay at home moms. And to the moms who think staying at home is better… what is good for you is not good for everyone..GET OVER IT!


Review of the movie “The Intern” by an Anti Feminist.

Today I saw the movie “The Intern”

Today I also dropped my kid off to school. I am a stay at home mom (who brings in an income at the very moment).

Okay so I didn’t like it, I didnt like the way they painted stay at home mothers and I didnt like that they failed to address any of the issues that were present in the relationship between Matt and Jules. I also didnt like that she happily took all the credit for a business that in her own words “would not have been possible without the support of her husband”… before you judge my comments hear me out.

  • How they painted Stay at Home Moms… Okay the first encounter with stay at home moms was when she dropped her kids off to school. Now I live in a pretty traditional society.. I live in the UAE. And even here dads regularly drop off their kids to school regardless of the fact that most of the moms are the ones who stay at home. This very morning as I dropped off the kids I met with the father of one of my mommy friends.. this was the conversation:

Me: Hi, where is LoLo (I changed her name but her real name is not any less weird)?

Him: She is at home

Me: Oh why? is one of the kids sick? I wanted to find out what she said she would bring to the party this Saturday? But well I will call her..what is she doing today?

Him: Oh there is a party on Saturday, I dont know what she does today..

Me: Yes, you all are coming she said she would make something but I’m not sure what.. I will find must be busy.. you will soon be late to work, let me not take up your time

Him: No, my company is flexible if i’m late to work I will just leave a bit later, this Saturday we have to move house (as they are moving) so our day will be busy

Me: I’m pretty sure LoLo said you all were coming though, but I will talk to her, that is nice with your company but still earlier to work means, earlier home so see you on Saturday maybe.

The End.

Now please tell me if this means I have ISSUES with working men in 2015.. because basically the conversation with her at her daughters school was exactly the same/ or close enough to my conversation with him and NO it does not mean I have issues with working men..

Here is the the thing LoLo normally drops her kids, so naturally I would ask..where she is.. it does not mean that I’m trying to point out to him that he is a working dad and is often not there. I dont think he is an idiot, he knows that he doesnt usually drop the kids.

Secondly, me telling him he has work and that I dont want to take his time was me being nice, I know that he has work and I just dont want to take his time..My husband also has a job and I know it is better for him to be on time rather than late and why would I talk to him about things that LoLo does.. it is better to talk to her directly. It means nothing, it certainly doesnt mean I dislike working dads.

Jules was very touchy and unrealistic in her expectations on SAHMs..she was judgmental and took their words in a negative way when I highly doubt they cared that she worked. If anything they just saw her as someone who works really hard. She misjudged them.

  • Okay on to issues in their relationship. Here is the thing, men and women are not the same. Even if feminists wish it into being it is not so. A stay at home father does not have the same experience as a stay at home mother. His life is harder, ESPECIALLY so if he is the only one as said in the movie. He is in a sea of mothers, who is he going to connect with? How is he going to spend the 6 plus hours while his daughter is at school? Of course he would be unhappy, lonely and depressed in this setting.. who wouldnt be? He is unhappy because he is unfulfilled and lonely JUST as women get unhappy in similar situations and NO FEMINIST would say to a family in this situation.. “woman, deal with it..he is a man and has the right to work hard”. He is a husband, in a family and has the obligation to change his life so that his wife is happy, just as women have the same obligation. RELATIONSHIPS are a two way  street.
  • And lastly she didnt build the company alone, she did it with his help. He was a part of it and he is a part of her so yes she should give it all up for him if that is what it takes to fix their relationship, though I highly doubt that is the solution but if it was there is nothing wrong with her considering it.

So yea that is my review.. I loved the interns character, but I didnt like the movie. They painted stay at home mom’s wrong and didnt address the fact that family is more important than work.

The intersectionality Concept!

This photo was shared by Upworthy, and while I completely agree with the text in the photo I agreed even more with the first comment on their facebook page about this photo.

The comment was this:  “I used to be a supporter of gay rights, but I’m finally getting to a point where I am no longer a supporter of that, and I think society is too. Now I am to the point where I’m just a supporter of human rights and feel no need to make a distinction. Hopefully soon we can all live in a world where we can both open our eyes up and yet be beautifully blind.”–by Micheal Havens.

That comment was so beautiful because highlights something that is deeply flawed with feminism and the intersectionality concept. The goal of intersectionality is to help solve social issues to highlight the areas where certain groups benefit and others do not but to me it is the new racism, the new sexism and doesnt end racism but rather it perpetuates it.

We need to be beautifully blind. A lot of liberal minded and feminists minded people claim that ignoring race and sex and privilege only benefits the dominant/already benefiting class but honestly that is bullshit. Ending racism means ignoring race.. that is literally the definition of no racism existing. Ending sexism and any form of class division means IGNORING sectionality. It means we STOP classifying people as men, women, rich, poor, gay, straight, cis, black, latino, white etc. Yes we can still use these words as adjectives when needed but we need to STOP defining people by these words and attaching more meaning to these words than adjective properties.

White or male should NOT translate to privileged because that IS RACISM and SEXISM. It is not different from what was done in the past, just because it is a new group being discriminated against doesnt make it okay, it doesnt make it not racism. The words feminists use to end racism and sexism are words and ideas that literally perpetuate it. End racism by not creating ideas of oppressed blacks and white oppressors, end racism by understanding that there is no race. It does NOT exist, we are all the fucking same, race is a myth and privilege being attached to race is unfair to the people that do not fit that stereotype. End sexism not by preaching about male privilege but by understanding that sex is a myth and that we dont need to define ourselves by genetilia.

I know this post sounds very liberal/hippy and out there and honestly I have no issues with race or gender labels but I DO have issues with attaching baggage to those labels, with using them as more than an adjective to describe the color of your skin or whether you have a vagina or not. Because to me the BAGGAGE is the definition of racism and sexism, the baggage is you generalizing a group and judging them rather than the individual and THAT is and always was the issue so your intersectionality concept helps no one, it is in fact just the new racism/sexism/discrimination.

  1. Intersectionality (or intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination.
    1. the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.
      “through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us”
  1. the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, and gender as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage.
    “through an awareness of intersectionality, we can better acknowledge and ground the differences among us”

I’m offended by feminism. I’m OFFENDED by FEMINISTS!!

So some women are offended by cat-calling and chivalry. I’m not offended by fact I take any cat calling as a compliment..BUT I’m not the only person in the world and if some people are offended by cat calling then it is true that cat callers should stop.

Now that we have agreed on that I just want to say I AM OFFENDED BY FEMINISM AND FEMINISTS!! I’m totally offended by them, I’m offended that they claim to represent women and I’m offended by EVERYTHING that comes out of a feminists persons mouth. I’m offended that they exist, I’m offended by the world feminism and feminist.

I know YOU arent offended by it but I am please be considerate and stop being a feminists! It offends me!

Feeding Ducks, Feminism, Liberalism and a bit of Racism!

So today on the way home my daughter wanted to feed ducks. We were coming back from a doctors appointment. Usually in the Netherlands they say not to feed the ducks as it is unhealthy for them, but she was so excited to do it so we did.

There were two cookies lefts, I broke on into pieces and gave her to feed the ducks. She took the entire cookie and threw all the pieces into the pond. This annoyed me because there were eleven ducks and the reason I broke the cookie into piece was because I wanted them each to get some of the cookie. By throwing all the pieces into the pond at one spot only three or four ducks had access to the cookies. So I changed my approach. With the second cookie. I gave her one piece at a time, but she still managed to out smart me. You see she simply is not attached to the concept that all the ducks must be fed equally so she threw each piece of cookie into the pond at exactly the same spot. The result was a duck fight, which one duck won and that duck ended up eating most of the cookie. Many of the ducks got nothing at all.

To me my daughter is mother nature in this story. Nature is not at all concerned with the idea that we should all be fed and for a very good reason: it seeks the best not necessarily the nicest group. Liberalism and Feminism are both anti-nature in this sense. Feminism would see the fight between the ducks call it patriarchy and claim that the very best thing would be for none of the ducks to fight, for them to create a culture of sharing and waiting one’s turn. And that can work if all the ducks play by the rule..BUT the moment one duck says no, this culture falls back to nature.

The anti war idea only works if we all play along and us all playing along REQUIRES feminist and liberal cultures to enforce VERY strict cultural norms on us. It requires these cultures to demonize those that compete and win. It requires them to create a false narrative of white oppressors, of evil winners. The ducks who got the cookie pieces are in no way evil, they are simply good at natures game. They did well and received the prize of the cookie in return. Instead of honoring that liberals view the world through the eyes of the parent.. they want all ducks to be fed so they demonize the strongest ducks in an attempt to stop them from getting a head. The problem is that this approach really will only ever work once the ducks arent very hungry. Because when the strong ducks are hungry no one cares what the liberals and feminist have to say.

EDIT** On reading this over I see that I compare feminism to a somewhat socialist movement with their desire for everything to be fair. That is unfair to them as I dont think they are really socialist in fact the society they desire is more free and capitalistically designed than patriarchy is. It still does require everyone to play along though.

The dictionary definition of FEMINISM! FEMINISTS are the same as RACISTS!

A very common online response from feminists to anti-feminists is dont know feminism is. Please read the dictionary. I think that anti feminists need to start using the dictionary definition of feminism to show feminists that feminism is NO different from racism.

From googleing “Feminism definition” we get

  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
    synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation,female emancipation, women’s rights; More

So feminism is the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of equality of the sexes. I personally do not want or care about equality between the sexes but if you do then,

—Question number 1) Why only advocate for women’s rights on the grounds of equality? Why not be an egalitarian instead? Why discriminate against half the population and not also advocate for them? If your response is because women have it worse, although we totally disagree on that I will play along. How does women having it worse mean that you should ONLY advocate for them? Why not just advocate for whoever happens to not have their rights and in a case where women have it worse it would natural result in more advocating for women. Why define an entire movement on excluding men?

  1. 1.
    believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities

Why not be that instead? As far as I see the only logical reason is because you suffer from the same thing racists do: BIAS!!!

—Question number 2) If you really want the SAME rights as men why do you advocate for things like abortion for women without advocating for men being able to opt out of fatherhood? Why do you adovate for funding young girls who want to enter STEM fields and not young men. Maybe you need to look up the definitions of same and equal.

An open letter to Matt Taylor!

Dear Matt,

I read the articles that were written against your shirts and then I saw your heartbreaking apology via the link below.

I know that you will probably never read this but I wanted to say to you SORRY. The women who wrote those articles and who agree with it are wrong in every single way. There is nothing wrong with a shirt that celebrates women but there is something wrong with judging the person wearing that shirt and judging that shirt only by appearance.

I am not a feminist BUT feminism is supposed to be about accepting ALL women and men. It shouldnt be that women who look like the ones on your shirt are rejected or seen as more sexual, it should be that all women are equal and so it should be okay for you to wear a shirt with whatever image you choose.

It shouldnt be that you or your shirt are judged before even talking to you about your views on women, objectification and science. The people who lynched you are ass holes and they are not very bright either. They claim your t-shirt is the reason women arent in science yet no scientist have worn that t-shirt in the past and women still arent as much a part of science as they would like.

Don’t cry over them please, dont feel sad over them please. These are mostly women who have had bad relationships with men and as result do not like men, and men who are afraid to disagree with pussy. Chin up, you have my full support to wear that shirt everyday for the rest of your life.

And congrats on all the work you and your team are doing 😛 Also if you are a feminist and do agree with objectification and all that they are saying please think about it some more. These ideas really dont add up.

A post for the MRAs

So yesterday I accidentally looked at two documentaries on youtube on very fat people. One was on the fattest woman in the world:

The other was on the fattest man in the world.

Okay these two documentaries are literally night and day and if you view them as a representation of statistical facts (I am not sure if they are or not)… men are angels and women really suck.

So the fattest woman in the world is taken care of by her husband.. you have to see the documentary to see just how well this man takes care of her and fully supports her through literally everything. He respects her wishes, cooks for her, cleans her everyday with devotion and love, he helps her crap and piss like you would for a newborn baby.. he is the perfect husband. When she is finished with surgery and can walk he remarries her. He loves her unconditionally.

The fattest guy in the world has a wife to care for him. She is horrible to him and is bitter about his inability to have sex with her and get her pregnant. She leaves him at one of the lowest points in his life (due to uncertainty with the surgery) and he ends up committing suicide and dies. She is rude to him throughout and does not care for him as well as she should. She also constantly makes it seem like she is giving up so much to be with him. She is generally mean to him and treats him like a child and does not respond well to him expressing how depressed he is.

So yea this is one for the MRAs.. nothing good about women can seen in these documentaries. And may that guy R.I.P.

Stay-at-Home Moms Suck

Here is the thing stay at home moms suck because they are lazy and don’t do half of what us working moms do (ie. working). They wake up late and are happy to put the full financial burden on the men they claim to “love”. You want to know why it is not okay for little girls (or boys for that matter) to grow up saying “I want to be a stay at home mom” because it is an unfair aspiration. What would you say to your child if they said they wanted to grow us and live on welfare?? Well that is exactly what you should tell your “aspiring stay at home mom”. By telling little girls that they can be ANYTHING and that it is okay to want to be a stay at home mom you are telling them that it is okay to want to depend unfairly on another human being.

Why should the entire financial burden be on one person? How is that fair to the husband of the stay at home mom? How is that love? When you love someone you try to make their lives easier not harder. And I know that some stay at home moms do not choose that life and would rather work. To those moms I hope you find a job soon and maybe you should work from home in the mean time. But to the rest, the stay at home moms who “choose” to stay at home, who choose “their kids” and end up with so much free time that all you can think to do is sit behind your computer screens and find ways to make working moms feel guilty about being away from their kids all day: you suck!

You are a parasite, you live off of another human being who actually works and contributes to society, you add burdens to him by producing more and more dependent kids, you do nothing useful all day and your day is completely and totally useless. Technology has freed up your role and made it possible for you to get a job so at least admit that the ONLY reason you are not working is because deep down you are simply too lazy to do so and you were lucky enough to find someone dumb enough to support your lazy life style. And no, you do NOT deserve the pay of a day care worker or driver or cook… because society has found far more efficient ways of doing all of those things and if you were not a dinosaur you would know that.

A day care worker helps take care of 6 or more kids at one time.. all within a similar age group.. you do not. A cook feeds hundreds of people a day.. you do not. What they do actually adds to a system that is efficient and helps society to run better and produce more. What you do is very inefficient and adds nothing to society. So yes you suck, get off your high horse, your kids do not need you and would probably be getting a much better world experience if they were at daycare/school, learning things in an environment tailored towards them, interacting and learning from other kids, making friends and allowing you to actually be useful. Daycare workers provide a service that frees up the time of working moms so that women can contribute to the society we live in, you provide pretty much nothing and then complain about having it so hard.

You suck.

And yes this satire and a click and bait article filled with the fears and thoughts that actually run through the mind of a stay at home mom.


I love white knights and Black men SUCK!

This is a post on white knighting and black men. I do not understand the need to shame men for white knighting. I am not against cultural norms or things that naturally develop in cultures to police the behaviour of others BUT the shaming of “white knights”makes no sense to me.

As far as I can see the only reason white knights are shamed is to give all men the freedom to behave like complete assholes to women with no consequences to pay. In the MRM in general only men can police the behaviour of men. It’s the same way male criticism is not seen as valid with respect to feminism but “Women Against Feminism” are seen as a threat.

So in response to this the MRM create “white knighting”. White knighting is defending a woman. What if a woman needs to be defended? What is wrong with standing up for what YOU believe is right? The answer is nothing and there is no reason to impose another artificial gender role of not being “white-knights” onto men. Men need less gender roles, not more. Men need the freedom to be goofy, to defend women, to not defend women, to love and sacrifice for women, to not, to be gay, or girly, to be strong and masculine, to be chivalrous and to not be etc. etc.


What if you think it is wrong to hit another person regardless of who threw the first punch? I know that is my opinion. My opinion is that the guy who got hit should deal with that in another way (walking away, reporting the aggressor etc.) just as a girl should. And regardless of who the genders are if I can stop a fight I would. Though admittedly this is not an ideal example of what they call white knighting. So that brings me to the black men suck part of this post.

Now I know a lot of black men and they are great in general but these two on Facebook claim to represent black men and they undoubtedly suck. So someone who added me to their friends list on Facebook after seeing me post on “Women Against Feminism” page is an MRA. He then posted the topic below and I responded to it.


The replies when like this.

text blackmen

I guess you have to open it in a new page to see it. Two black males responded completely telling lies about black women and bashing us like crazy and just taking a bunch of nonsense and attacking me for no reason at all. And they know that they can say whatever they want because the mutual friend between us is and MRA and it would be white knighting for him or anyone else reading that who is male to say anything logical and true.. even if it is logical and true because well.. white knighting.

For those who don’t want to read the Facebook text. It went like this. I said.. well both black women and black men have issues and need to change. One guy then says no, it is all on women as they run the guys away and raise the kids badly, they are not wife material. I said and what about the men, they leave and don’t take care of the kids are they husband material?  At this point I thought we are somewhat joking with each other because he said some stereotypical nonsense about black women so I replied with stereotypical nonsense about black males so he can see how it feels. I think we were joking around there actually. Then all of a sudden they get upset and another black guy comes in saying ONLY black women respond to criticism with black men suck too and that HE is a decent guy and half of black women have herpies (an std). So I said I’m decent as well and don’t have stds and couldn’t find a decent black male so both black men and women need to change. Then they say I’m on an ego trip because I have a white man (evidence is via my profile pic lol) and that i’m saying NABWALT (not all black women are like that).. when HE was the one who started with not all black men are like that. They also claimed my husband is a simp/weak (which is something that should not be shamed) and that I’m trying to use black men as an excuse for black women and we suck and lots of other things that were mostly derogatory.