The type of movement I want to see!

I want to see a movement that aims to destroy the myth that women in the past were useless. The myth that taking care of children is a piece of cake, the myth that war and resources were more valuable and interesting and worthwhile than what happened in the home.

This is a myth and EVERYONE buys into it.

Feminists call the past patriarchy and complain that women were not ALLOWED to do anything interesting (BS).. We did interesting stuff, we got pregnant and had kids and cared for them..why is that not as good as what men did? why is going out to work more interesting than that?

I want to see a movement that shows people that caring for kids is not useless and that is was and is work. That it takes time, it takes patience, it takes work. All mothers are working mothers. The sphere that initially belonged to women is just severely undervalued by society as a whole and we need a movement to change that!


2 thoughts on “The type of movement I want to see!

  1. I’ve just starting going over the articles and posts here and my entire body is a puddle of *relief!*

    I’ve had no voice within the feminist movement because my husband and I chose to form a traditional family structure. I even (*gasp!!*) homeshooled our kids.

    I’ve had no voice with the traditional movement because I’m a secular Jew and my husband is (*gasp!!*) and atheist/agnostic.

    FINALLY. Finally someone has said it. The traditional family structure is the preferred model for raising kids. It’s rational. Logical. Sensible. Neither men nor women have to be demonized for accepting this rational truth.

    You don’t have to be a religious person to ascribe to the system which has (historically) proven itself over thousands of years of human history.

    The humanist/egalitarian ideology is wonderful, but they cannot answer the question, “If both men and women are focusing all of their efforts on self-actualization and furthering their careers, then what do we do with the kids?”

    Thank you! (And I so wish I’d found you sooner.)

    • Thanks for your comment. I have seen you post on the women against feminism facebook group. I would add you there but your settings are such that I can not add you. I hope one day secular traditionalist find a place somewhere… we certainly do not have a place in feminism, or any other ideology that doesnt see having and caring for children as equal to acquiring and controlling resources. Do you also blog?? Also that is great that you home school!

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