UPDATE: I am no longer a TWRA or a member of any group, I am simply mamaziller. I cannot conform or change how I think to fit in to what TWRAs are asking. I agree with their core ideas but I am liberal legally speaking. I will change this websites contents to reflect the fact that I am no longer a TWRA when I get time.


My current aim or wish is to create an anti-feminism space for women especially to speak out against feminism from a secular and pro-patriarchal point of view. It should act as a voice where women can say to the world that feminists are not the only voice for women out there.

If you are interested in such a space, in contributing to such a website please let me know. We have to band together to have our voice heard. The feminists and MRAs are very loud and it currently seems like they are the only voice out there. We have to get our voice out there.

The people who are currently traditional-minded and blogging against feminism are:

If you want to fight feminism from a traditional point of view please join us!!!! Also we are associated with Traditional Women’s Rights Activists, for more on that visit Secular Patriarchy.


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