Links to supporting articles, blogs and other random blog entries that I have made on this topic!

Supporting articles:

Babies have evolved to be close to their mothers.

Pew research says liberals are more intolerant than conservatives. 

It’s easier on families when women stay home.

Research on modern Parenthood.

Daycare, toddlers, stress and misbehavior. 

Research showing that toddlers in daycare are more stressed.

How the UK gov. undervalues motherhood.

What research says about daycare.

Stay at home mothers are good role models too!

Women want to be housewives.

All the Single Ladies.

Working women more likely to seek divorce.

Other comical/not serious articles:

An opinion on submission, feminism, and sexuality. 

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a RICH man your husband!

Real feminists have jobs.

It is better for women to have jobs says the Feminist.

What about the children? One child of a radical feminist speaks out.

This is how I feel about motherhood; it is the greatest joy in the world!

 A bloggers cheeky perspective on marrying career women.

Blogs to check out:

Fighting Feminism

Secular Patriarchy

What’s Wrong With Equal Rights?

Traditional Marriage Rights Activists Website

Return of the Kings Blog



Counter Feminist


Blog entries:

How the war between feminists and traditionalist is really a war between self and society.

Am I also a liberal traditionalist?

What atheists and liberals can learn from religion and conservationism. 

Quotes and images that I like!

Can liberals and conservatives unite?

Feminist contradictions. You say you are a feminist and you love men.

Video on how Islam and Gender roles liberates women!

So you are going to be a Single Mama.

The traditional MRA supporter.

Why MRA should not bash Traditionalism.

The type of society liberalism, feminism and MRA will create.

Why do we need to have weddings?

My pro-choice take on child support and abortions.

The myth of parenthood.

Traditionalism does not put men into boxes.

Some commentary on an article and a picture. Woman up!

Do feminists really want to give women choices or to take away the choices that women once had?

Pictures from a feminists group on Facebook!

More photos from feminists Facebook group.

A feminist manipulating data and getting another bravo from society!

The mystical wage gap.

Slut walking made no sense to me. Women are the gate keepers of sex.

Why I regretted being a stay at home mom, but no longer do!

The historical wars between traditional and liberal societies.

Where have all the traditional men gone? Feminists women and traditional men are too nice.

Rant: Wise up women, you started this war of the sexes now you must end it!

I do not need Feminism because…

To the Feminist Housewife.

What being a Traditional Right’s Activist means to me.

A case for the TWRA; the traditionalist’s path to male-female equality and happy co-dependence.

Evolutionary Psychology Posts:

Men value looks (and kindness) and women value money; here’s why!

Why women like bad boys and nice guys finish last!

Why most women want to be dominated in bed.

Women like shopping while men do not; is this part of why?

Biology is my Religion Posts:

Why Sex is more than just Sex!

Bring yourself and others joy not pain.

There is no free will.

Our minds are dynamic.

“for the meek shall inherit the earth” 


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