The dictionary definition of FEMINISM! FEMINISTS are the same as RACISTS!

A very common online response from feminists to anti-feminists is dont know feminism is. Please read the dictionary. I think that anti feminists need to start using the dictionary definition of feminism to show feminists that feminism is NO different from racism.

From googleing “Feminism definition” we get

  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
    synonyms: the women’s movement, the feminist movement, women’s liberation,female emancipation, women’s rights; More

So feminism is the advocacy of women’s right on the grounds of equality of the sexes. I personally do not want or care about equality between the sexes but if you do then,

—Question number 1) Why only advocate for women’s rights on the grounds of equality? Why not be an egalitarian instead? Why discriminate against half the population and not also advocate for them? If your response is because women have it worse, although we totally disagree on that I will play along. How does women having it worse mean that you should ONLY advocate for them? Why not just advocate for whoever happens to not have their rights and in a case where women have it worse it would natural result in more advocating for women. Why define an entire movement on excluding men?

  1. 1.
    believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities

Why not be that instead? As far as I see the only logical reason is because you suffer from the same thing racists do: BIAS!!!

—Question number 2) If you really want the SAME rights as men why do you advocate for things like abortion for women without advocating for men being able to opt out of fatherhood? Why do you adovate for funding young girls who want to enter STEM fields and not young men. Maybe you need to look up the definitions of same and equal.


3 thoughts on “The dictionary definition of FEMINISM! FEMINISTS are the same as RACISTS!

  1. So this. It’s always been a huge sticking point with me that they really don’t care about anyone but themselves and their gender as having equal rights. It’s like they forget that they aren’t the only ones on the planet. I would also love to hear their response on the male reproductive rights. Perhaps they just want to ignore the fact that men have no reproductive rights, and even if they were unaware, or not consenting in the process of making a child, they still have to pay for it the rest of their lives. But if a woman wants to have an abortion and the father has already said that he wants the child and will provide for it without the mother, she still gets to do whatever she wants. They aren’t for equality, they are for domination.

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