An open letter to Matt Taylor!

Dear Matt,

I read the articles that were written against your shirts and then I saw your heartbreaking apology via the link below.

I know that you will probably never read this but I wanted to say to you SORRY. The women who wrote those articles and who agree with it are wrong in every single way. There is nothing wrong with a shirt that celebrates women but there is something wrong with judging the person wearing that shirt and judging that shirt only by appearance.

I am not a feminist BUT feminism is supposed to be about accepting ALL women and men. It shouldnt be that women who look like the ones on your shirt are rejected or seen as more sexual, it should be that all women are equal and so it should be okay for you to wear a shirt with whatever image you choose.

It shouldnt be that you or your shirt are judged before even talking to you about your views on women, objectification and science. The people who lynched you are ass holes and they are not very bright either. They claim your t-shirt is the reason women arent in science yet no scientist have worn that t-shirt in the past and women still arent as much a part of science as they would like.

Don’t cry over them please, dont feel sad over them please. These are mostly women who have had bad relationships with men and as result do not like men, and men who are afraid to disagree with pussy. Chin up, you have my full support to wear that shirt everyday for the rest of your life.

And congrats on all the work you and your team are doing 😛 Also if you are a feminist and do agree with objectification and all that they are saying please think about it some more. These ideas really dont add up.


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