A post for the MRAs

So yesterday I accidentally looked at two documentaries on youtube on very fat people. One was on the fattest woman in the world:

The other was on the fattest man in the world.

Okay these two documentaries are literally night and day and if you view them as a representation of statistical facts (I am not sure if they are or not)… men are angels and women really suck.

So the fattest woman in the world is taken care of by her husband.. you have to see the documentary to see just how well this man takes care of her and fully supports her through literally everything. He respects her wishes, cooks for her, cleans her everyday with devotion and love, he helps her crap and piss like you would for a newborn baby.. he is the perfect husband. When she is finished with surgery and can walk he remarries her. He loves her unconditionally.

The fattest guy in the world has a wife to care for him. She is horrible to him and is bitter about his inability to have sex with her and get her pregnant. She leaves him at one of the lowest points in his life (due to uncertainty with the surgery) and he ends up committing suicide and dies. She is rude to him throughout and does not care for him as well as she should. She also constantly makes it seem like she is giving up so much to be with him. She is generally mean to him and treats him like a child and does not respond well to him expressing how depressed he is.

So yea this is one for the MRAs.. nothing good about women can seen in these documentaries. And may that guy R.I.P.


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