Female Anti-feminist! Rant! I AM NOT A FEMINIST!

Problems with Feminism:

It is sexist– They turn everything into gender issues when somethings should just be issues. You do not like rape? Great campaign against rape.. not rape against women just RAPE in general.. it is NOT a female issue. You do not like fat shamming, campaign against that not against fat shaming women.. STOP GENDERING EVERYTHING IT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. It is super sexist, it leaves out half the population and assumes women are the only ones who face these issues.

It makes women victims– WE ARE NOT OPPRESSED. MY GOD I AM NOT OPPRESSED BECAUSE I AM FEMALE. I JUST AM NOT OPPRESSED. Only someone really stupid or who has never seen anything close to actual oppression could think that I am oppressed. I AM NOT OPPRESSED BY MEN AND YES I HAVE A VAGINA. You do not want to be a part of patriarchy? DON’T. PROBLEM SOLVED MOVE ON. YOU ARE NOT OPPRESSED. YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM AND NO ONE FEELS SORRY FOR YOU.

Feminist turn everything into a pity party for women, oh poor us, we are oppressed by men. Oh my for centuries we have had it so bad, rape, marriage, no politics. They IGNORE male sacrifice and what men have had to face, they ignore male oppression. IT MAKES ME FUCKING SICK. You feminists are sick, very sick and it is sick that you can not see how SELF-CENTERED you are. Blind to the sacrifices that others have and are making. Yes.. its all about women. Do not even deny that you think life is unfair to women, you are being blind.. please look beyond your own issues.

Women are responsible for nothing in the mind of a feminist, why? Oh because we are weak victims who never ruled the world and have been dominated and oppressed by men forever.

It is like religion– It is an ISM. It is painfully stupid to say you are a feminist if you believe in male/female equality. What is male female equality? What does that mean?? Is it us doing the same thing? Having the same value? Looking the same? Having the same reproductive rights? How is that achieved? … male female equality covers too wide a range of issues to answer that question with a simple yes. It obviously depends on the situation and the specific issue at hand. Feminism is like religion it is close-minded and you are essentially saying that you agree whatever the majority of feminists think is true when you call your self a feminist. Instead of being a feminist why not try actual independent and critical thought. It goes like this: you hear about an issue you think about it FOR YOURSELF objectively and with accurate data to aid you and THEN you come up with your OWN thoughts on the issue.. you do not need a movement to THINK FOR YOU!! TRY IT, you will be fine!

It is one dimensional– It is one sided. They think they have the answer for everything. There is a wage gap? wHY? SEXISM!!!! Elliot Rogers kills 6 people? Why? SEXISM!!!!! Crime exists? Why? SEXISM!!!!!!! Rape exists?? Why? SEXISM!!! Not enough female engineers? Why?? SEXISM!!!! Not enough men like being stay at home dads?? Why?? SEXISM!!!!!! Global warming?? Why? SEXISM!!!!! They are like parrots every bad thing in the world is because of………….SEXISM .. and of course MISOGYNY!!!!!!!




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