How feminism is minority rule over majority.

Where did feminism come from? I think feminism or woman’s liberation comes from alpha males and females. The men and women who are most desired by the opposite sex set the rules in a feminist society. They set the rules up to promote singlehood above relationships because that is what benefits them since they do not need relationships to ensure that their needs are met. They are desirable and so will always be able to secure sex and support from others.

Alpha males have an endless stream of choice with respect to women and so they do not have to fear not passing on their genes. Monogamy or faithfulness from their wives is less of a priority to them. They do not fear not passing on their genes so they have to use for monogamy. They are the ones who ultimately set the rules in a feminists society, while the beta/average males are the ones who set the rules in a traditional society.

The average female does what the females who are most attractive to alpha males do, and alpha males decided that feminists thinking women were more attractive than traditional thinking women so the average female decided to do that.

The problem with this is that it is minority rule over majority desire. The majority of men are not alpha males and would prefer traditional minded women. Women however are not looking out for this message from the majority of males and certainly would not get this message from them even if they were looking. The average woman just gets the message from other females that to be attractive to the most important set of males they should be feminists (wear less clothes, be independent, be equal, work, be open sexually, experiment sexually etc.).

Regular females need to stop listening to alpha males and alpha females. It is fine to be an alpha male or female but not everyone is that. If you are average start accepting and owning that. Most average people would be happier with security and knowing that they have someone to themselves. The average woman needs to start seeing the value in beta males. Beta males are the ideal mate for the average woman.

Beta males are much better than alpha males, they are more loyal, make better more reliable spouses and they are very good providers. Beta males benefit from traditionalism because traditionalism is a way of securing a relationship, a mate and therefore securing fatherhood. Beta/the average woman also benefits from this set up because traditionalism secures them a mate and support even when they cannot attract a male.

Stop letting the minority rule the majority. The majority needs to speak up, the average folk need to speak up, accept that things are better with relationships for them and leave feminism and singlehood for alpha folk. 


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