First Pro-Feminism Post!

I have said a lot of hateful things about feminism so now I want to talk a bit about the things that I support about feminism:

  • The idea that we should have choice! Liberation, the freedom to choose your path in life, the freedom to be everything or nothing… it is something I support.
  • The idea that being the majority does give you privileges that you may not be able to easily see.
  • The idea that oppression should be addressed and corrected in some way.
  • They stand up for gay rights (something I support), they speak out about inherited privileges (except when females benefit), they are against stereotyping, against racism and institutionalizes injustices.
  • They have a good heart, want to help men and women and want to be free of societal boxes and roles that do not fit our current environmental reality.

All of the above is amazing and would make me a feminist if I was a member of one of the minority groups that they are currently fighting for social justice for. But I am not in one of those groups, I am often a part of the majority group and while I agree that the minorities need more attention than me I also see that feminists have a tendency to trample over the rights of the majority in their quest to help the minority. And that is what I want to fight against.

Is it fair for them to trample over the privileged majority considering that the majority has benefited so much more than they even realize? Maybe. But it does not feel right to me, it does not support my interest and it is also a call for me and others like me to fight back and say HEY WE EXIST AS WELL, not all women want to take on the roles men have had traditionally, not only gay people have issues being ridiculed for their sex life. People who are inclined to the social order known as the patriarchy also exist and by smashing the patriarchy you are hurting us. And there has to be a way to address the needs of both the under privileged and the privileged at the same time.

So yea, for the minorities and people who feel that patriarchal lifestyles do not fit their needs feminism is great. I support feminism for those people as much as I support and want a traditionalist movement for people like me. I am not a feminist, but had I been otherwise inclined, I could very well have been.


3 thoughts on “First Pro-Feminism Post!

  1. Great post! I do think it is easy to get caught up in everything that is wrong about feminism, I don’t think it is completely accurate to say that one person is 100% one way or another, and those of us who are fundamentally opposed to feminist viewpoints have instances where there is agreement in beliefs, and it is important to acknowledge them as they come up.

    • Yes none of us is all bad or all good. Feminism is certainly not all bad. I think the movement has good intentions, it is just that I feel they are blind to the idea that many, many women do want men in their lives and do want relationships similar to traditional relationships. They are blind to the section of people for who that would bring them happiness.

      I support that they also want that happiness for people who do not want traditional relationships and I see that the people who want traditional relationships do have systematic advantages but I still believe that we have the right to exist free of judgement (just as everyone should). I will not shame people who do things non-traditionally, but in return I ask that they do not shame me. So in theory I can agree with feminism, but in practice many feminists shame the patriarchy and patriarchal roles when really they should just demand respect for non patriarchal roles and continue to respect patriarchal roles because many people would naturally be happiest with those roles.

      They are creating new gender roles for men and women; the gender roles they like. When really I would prefer them to give us true liberation which would mean that it is okay to have traditional gender roles just as it should be okay not to have them… it should be up to the individual; not feminists. We will have harmony when all options are truly open to each person. Feminists started with good intentions and they still have good intentions, but too many of the women who are feminists stand against the patriarchy when many, many women would be happiest in the patriarchy.

      • Exactly! It’s become a movement based shoving non-traditional ideas down the throats of everybody they come across, regardless of the individual preferences. I have no problem with people living their lives as they see fit, so long as they extend me the same courtesy.

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