On fat shaming at Return of the Kings!!

To the PUAs and others who complain about the fattening up of western women and who fat shame like these people.

Controlling your woman’s diet.

Fat shaming week.

Obesity threat.

Fat women suck at yoga.

5 ways to bully fat dates.

Fat girls do not deserve love.

Fat women are evil.

Fat shaming tweets.

Fat shaming success. 

I just want to say you can fat shame all you want just DO NOT complain when women value you based on the amount of money you make rather than based on who you are!!

And to the guys as njworld

All I have to say is judge women on the way we look till the day you die BUT do not let me hear you complain when we judge you on how much money you make.DO NOT let me hear you using the words gold digger or whore in a negative way. If you are going to judge us based on your criteria allow us to judge you based on ours and do not complain when we act like gold diggers and value you primarily as deep as your pockets go.


I do not agree with fat shamming. I do not agree with any type of shaming, explain your point logically. njworld was not shaming though, just putting out opinions on hotness and easiness. And honestly I do not have an issue with it once the person in question understands that if he is allowed to be superficial the women he dates should be allowed the same privilege. And that means she gets to judge him on his wallet in the same exact way that he judges her on her breast and ass.


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