Film Review- Now is Good- Stay at home fathers and Feminism

This was a really sad British movie about a teenage cancer patient who was dying. Why this movie relates to feminism is because the gender roles of the main characters parents were reversed.

The father was a stay at home dad and the mother was a workaholic who did not know her own kids and was never there. I really enjoyed seeing that. I liked it and I think that stay at home dads are something that that needs to be EMBRACED by society. She was lucky to have a stay at home dad, someone to always be there for her and she was lucky to have a working mom (someone to provide for the family financially.

In most cases I think it would naturally be the mother who stays at home simply because of breastfeeding and pregnancy but in actuality it does not matter who stays at home as long as someone focuses on the kids I think it can work. There are also a lot of parents who split things so that each parents takes days off etc. and that can also work well I think. For most people it might be more efficient to have one person do it though. 

The point is though, when I look at things I think it is true that more men need to be encouraged to embrace the stay at home role if that is something they would like. My best friend is a Christian and comes from s a Christian home. Her dad was a pastor and a stay at home dad (the church was built in their front yard) and her mom is a successful politician who works really hard.

Her dad was there every day to pick them up after school, he ran all the errands, cooked, did everything stay at home mothers would and the kids turned out amazingly. Two of them are scholarship winners. My friend in particular got multiple scholarships and even ranked as the person with the highest scores internationally on two of the A’level subjects that she did. The other two children are also well adjusted, seemingly happy and contribute to society.

So yea, stay at home dadhood can work and should work. But I still do not agree with forcing things on people. If a guy wants to be a stay at home father I support him 1000%, but that is only if he wants to (and his wife of course). We do not need to have 50% of stay at home parents being male to congratulate ourselves. It just needs to be socially accepted. So yea the movie was not that great but that aspect of it with role reversal was nice and refreshing. Role reversal is not for me personally but if it feels right for others they should feel empowered to do that. 


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