Why I am not an MRA!

Here’s the thing TWRAs complained that I am sympathetic to MRAs and maybe I am. I believe that men currently have it worse than women. I believe that things as they are today are unfair towards men. I believe that there is misandry more so than there is misogyny.

But I also believe that MANY of the MRAs I have met online are male supremacist. That the MRAs are essentially the male version of feminism and that the MRA attack on traditionalism is unjustified. I believe that MRAs are equally as bad as feminists. What they say they are and what they actually are is to different things. They claim to be victims in the exact same way that feminists do, they demonize a past they have not even tried to understand

MRAs claim MEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS, I say HUMAN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMANS RIGHTS. STOP THE DIVISON, STOP THE HATE. The same way you ask feminists to care more about males I am asking you MRAs to care more about females. Change your slogan, HUMAN RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS or at the very least WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE NOT HUMAN RIGHTS. MRAs say they want balance, or equality I say if that was all they wanted there would be no reason to demonize the past or traditional values. I will not be associated with a group of men who do the same thing to women that feminists do to men.

They demonize women, they spend hours and hours finding articles that show women in a bad light and this is not just to show balance or to counter misandry because the comments to these articles more often than not say things like “men would never do that”, “empathy is a male trait”, “women were always the more sadistic sex” and these are real comments that I have personally read. They are male supremacist. They do not want equality with women in the same way that feminists do not want equality with men.

They want separation and freedom from women.

They glorify things like the artificial womb so that they can finally be rid of women as if we have no use or value to them beyond the 9 months we spend cooking up babies.

Feminists claim women were victims of male leadership in traditionalism and patriarchy, MRAs claim men were victims of female pussy power in traditionalism and gynocentrism. Both are silly men and women were both victims of nature and not really victims of anything else.

Feminists see all the ways that the world is unfair towards women and NONE of the ways that the world is unfair towards men. MRAs see all the ways the world is unfair towards men but NONE of the ways the world is unfair towards women. Both are silly the world is sometimes unfair to women and sometimes unfair to men. Yes from my view men currently have it worse but that does not mean that there are no female issues.

Feminists see female sacrifice but do not see male sacrifice. MRAs see male sacrifice but do not see female sacrifice. Both are silly, males and female have both sacrificed historically and they continue to do so.

I am asking for a truce, I am asking for balance I am asking to address men’s issues but do not demonize women or trivialize their issues while doing so. I would have loved to be an MRA because I certainly see that men’s issues need to be addressed. But I cannot support hate groups. I cannot support a group so blind to their own hypocrisy. I cannot support a group that sees them and them alone as victims of the world, I cannot support a group dedicated to the separation and complete “independence” of the sexes.

Being an MRA is the same as being a feminist, everything MRAs say about feminists is true of MRAs exchange the words male and female and they are identical.


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