Traditionalism is not Gynocentrism (an neither is Feminism).

MRAs have recently taken up the slogan that Traditionalism and Feminism are the two Gynocentrisms of our time. Both are female centered the say! Both benefit females more than males they say.

I just want to publicly call BS on this idea. Traditionalism and Feminism DO NOT favor women more than men. Our current reality which is a hybrid between traditionalism and feminism where women get the good parts of traditionalism and the good parts of feminism is what is gynocentric.

True traditionalism means male leadership, it means male sacrifice but also male rewards. True feminism also may not mean male sacrifice but it also means no male reward. Both traditionalism and feminism it it’s true forms value the sexes equally.

It is a gynocentric mix of the two where men get the short stick from each philosophy that MRAs should be fighting against. Leave traditionalism alone!!!


2 thoughts on “Traditionalism is not Gynocentrism (an neither is Feminism).

  1. You offer an interesting philosophy; that neither true traditionalism nor true feminism favors women over men but that the combination of the two prevalent today, women getting the good side of traditionalism and feminism at the same time, is what favors women over men. I think I agree with you on the general premise but I would use different terminology and place my emphasis on different locations.

    I would say “true feminism” does favor women over men in terms of how real life feminists apply the idea. In theory “true feminism” might be said to be equal but in practice according to the intention of the advocates of the idea “true feminism” is meant to place women above men (and above children as well). In other words the “gender equality” idea as advocated by real life feminists is a dishonest and manipulative idea at its core. The same thing holds true in reverse regarding MRAs. “True men’s rights” as advocated by real life MRAs is intended as male supremacist manipulation in the same way that “true feminism” is intended as female supremacist manipulation by its real life feminist advocates even though both “true feminism” and “true men’s rights” might be equal between the genders in theory.

    I guess what it all boils down to is that gender equality itself is an impossible idea that is impossible to define or to reach meaning that gender equality is simply whatever its supposed advocates say it is; the feminist defining gender equality in a way that systemically favors women and the MRA defining gender equality in a way that systematically favors men.

    Theoretical feminist style gender equality where both sexes are “truly equal” is completely different from traditionalist style gender equality with both sexes being “truly equal.” A world where men make no sacrifices and get no rewards in return is completely different than a world where men make heavy sacrifices and get great rewards in return. Both scenarios could be thought of as representing “equality” since male gain is matched with male sacrifice but the first alternative (no sacrifice with no gain) is completely worse than the second alternative (high sacrifice with high gain). This is because male sacrifice itself is not morally neutral; it is instead highly beneficial, beneficial to those on whose behalf the sacrifice is being made (women and children). So gender equality based on the feminist idea of no male investment in women is totally wrong while gender equality based on the traditionalist idea of high male investment in women is totally right. Furthermore the feminist version of gender equality is harmful to children as no male investment in women also means no male investment in children as male investment in women is in fact an indirect way of men investing in children (man gives to woman to enable woman to give to child). The traditionalist version of gender equality leads to high male investment in women and children both.

    Lastly, I would say that traditionalism is gynocentric not in terms of women getting a better deal than men but in terms of men focusing on women’s concerns and then society overall being primarily focused on women’s concerns as a derivative of men overall being focused on women’s concerns. Since men overall are dominant when men focus on women’s concerns that naturally leads to the social agenda overall being mostly focused on women’s concerns.

    Gynocentrism to me means “centered on women” or “focused on women;” it does not mean “women above men.” Feminism in practice means women above men but gynocentrism itself only means women at the center of attention, not women being more important than others. Women as the center of attention is good, women as more deserving or superior is bad. Traditionalism does hold women at the center of attention and therefore is gynocentric, only feminism converts gynocentrism into female supremacy however. Gynocentrism itself is good; only the conversion to female supremacy is bad.

    For more on this issue of gynocentrism I recommend this article at my website:

    Why Gynocentrism is Good

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