Miley’s performance at the VMAs and song was not RACIST!!!!

Miley’s performance was not about race. Miley’s VMA performance was not racist. Why are people turning Miley’s performance into something about race??

1)      Twerking does not belong to black people. That would be like science or reading belonging to white or asian people. How silly? She can twerk if she wants to, people can twerk regardless of race and it is more racists to label twerking as a “black people thing”, than not sub-divide cultural practices into belonging to specific races.

2)      The back-up dancers were black, SO WHAT? I am black. The dancers should be chosen based upon how good they are at the dance that they are trying to do. The reality is that in the entertainment industry looks will also count. But should we really be at a place where she should choose white dancers simply to be politically correct?? What is really the difference?

3)      If you say you would rather white back up dancers for role model purposes I can see your point, but it is still hypocritical. If this is about role models why then is it okay for black people to twerk? Are they not also role models?

4)      If you as black person feel that it was racist say that that is how YOU feel not how “black people feel”. Because I do not feel racially attacked by anything she did there.

Do I think the dance was inappropriate? Yes. Do I think it made me think of Miley in a bad way? Yes. Do I think it was too sexual? Yes. Do I think it was hard to keep reminding myself that Miley is 20 and legally allowed to have sex with older men? Yes. Do I think the culture in general is getting too liberal for my taste? Yes.

But was it racist? No. As a black person I would just like to say that I do not think Miley’s performance was racist in any way shape or form. And to those who are screaming racism I think you all are hypocrites because you should be addressing the problem of the way black male artists tend to use black women in their videos rather than screaming at the one white person who has done this. If it is wrong for Miley, it should be wrong for Siquo, 50 cent, Nikki, Lil Kim etc. etc. But you say nothing when black people do this, why? Cause you are a coward and you feel that being black gives you the right to scream racism whenever you want to.

This post is a response to the many, many surfacing articles of black women screaming racism with respect to Miley’s performance and yes I am a black woman.

Links to articles

Article 1, Article 2


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