A review on the film “Eat, Pray, Love” as it relates to Feminism.

This movie was horrible. Horrible does not even being to describe this story and the fact that it was based on true events is even worse. A woman gets married and then decides she is not happy, that something is missing. So she leaves her husband, who has done nothing wrong in search of that something that is missing. She gets together with another guy and surprise!! Something is still missing so she leaves him, and takes time off from work to travel the world in search of what is missing. She goes to Italy to discover the beauty in eating. In India she finds peace in prayer and in Indonesia she finds love. In the end she found what she was looking for, she was looking for the beauty in eating, prayer and love. In the end she is happily in love.

What craziness??

One. Her husband did nothing wrong and he was hurt by her leaving, he was very sad and asked her to stay but she did not because she is selfish. Shouldn’t positive messages or stories teach us not to be so selfish and that you can find the things that are missing from your life without leaving your husband or being so selfish? I mean she could have taken a cooking class, or joined a baking club. She could have explored the world around her while being married. She could have blogged or even gotten pregnant and had a child, she would not have been so bored anymore.

Two. What makes us think this woman won’t get bored of the guy she ends up with in the end, she got bored of her husband, she got bored of the second guy, why does she think this time is any different??

Three. You do not have to travel to Italy or India or Indonesia to find yourself, this woman had too much money and not enough problems. She could have found the beauty in food through volunteering at a local soup kitchen and prayer you can find through talking to people and connecting with them, you can find that anywhere in the world. About love, she has completely failed to understand that love is not just about her, love means caring about the other person and so her divorcing her husband for no reason at all, to go seek out love and hurting him in the process shows that she does not understand what she is looking for. Her husband loved her, the problem was that she did not love him. She did not have to travel the world to find love, she just had to give love to find love. At no time in the story did the main character figure this out.

Four. I recently read that the writer of this book and movie is a feminist. I saw the movie many years ago and I thought it was stupid even back then, but reading that she is a feminist puts a whole new spin on this movie. Watch the movie if you have not seen it, it is one of the best examples of how not to structure your relationships. 


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