What being a Traditional Right’s Activist means to me.

To me being a TWRA means that I am interested in ending the gender wars. I am interested in polices that can benefit men like male focused education, focusing more on male education than female education and encouraging women to ‘lean out’ and gravitate towards jobs that are compatible with motherhood.

It means that I am not afraid of the patriarchy and that I am interested in working on the patriarchy so that we can create a patriarchy that is more efficient and better than the patriarchies of the past. It means that I see that the patriarchy values motherhood and shares the joys and struggles of parenting more evenly than most other social systems. It means that I also want what I think is best for women, children and society.

It does not mean that I am homophobic or do not give credit to the voices of the many women who do not want to live under the rule of men. It simply means that I can see that although the voices of women against the patriarchy are the loudest voices, the numbers of the women who would be comfortable and quiet possibly happier living in patriarchy, which respects them, are higher.

It means that I feel as though the direction in which feminist and MRAs would like to take society in is towards a place that I do not want my children to grow up in. I want my kids to live in a world that is truly comfortable with their choices and which encourages them to excel in the spheres of society where they can most productively contribute to society. Where men will accept them as women (the sex most likely to birth children), and where men are equip and free to support them through the reproductive cost (and benefits) of being female.


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