We are living in a society which has been designed with the Traditional Family in mind.

It is a common notion that single parent homes are generally worse for children than dual parent homes. It could simply be because two sets of hands are better than one when it comes to raising children, but I think there is another important issue to consider when looking at this issue.

We are living in a society. The system as it is. And it was not designed for single parents. Especially single parents without regular access to extended family. Who should look after kids after school while their parent is still working? Who should look after them during the summer holidays and school breaks? Who should parent kids when their single parent is sick and totally stressed out from work and family life that never seems to end??

This system that we live in today is the result of a very long and very “patriarchal” history, and so as it is today this system is not compatible with a non-patriarchal lifestyle. It is not compatible with working women because it was designed with non-working women in mind. It was not designed for working women, if it was women would be allowed to take their kids to work and school would end after work ends, and parents and children would have vacation times that coincided.

Now with this in mind wouldn’t be logical that if you oppose the social structure that we live in you would also oppose the systematic structure and try to change the system itself to better fit to the social system that you desire?? This is a huge issue that I have with feminism. Why are they not trying to change the system? Why are they pushing women into a work force that was not designed for women? Why are they so obsessed with the theory of male female interchangeability that they ignore the signs that a cultural and societal structure mismatch results in social issues like crime, and lower productivity??

We are living in a patriarchy, and so we as individuals have two choices:

  • If we like the patriarchy we should be free to conform to it and this is a right that we increasingly have to fight for.
  • If we want to make lifestyle choices that oppose the patriarchy we need to also make changes to the system on a structural level, like allowing women to work near their babies.

Instead of trying to force non-patriarchal behavior into a patriarchal structure and wondering what went wrong feminists need to start opposing the patriarchy on a structural level as opposed to only doing so on a social level. They need to stop being so afraid if being different than men, and start admitting that maybe women and men are not the same and maybe a system created for men will not work for women, children and society.

Why are kids experiencing as many problems as they are today??? They are not surrounded by people who love them!! Why?? Because we are denying reality in favor of a male female interchangeability ideology. Change the system if you must, conform if you can, but leaving the system as it is while encouraging women to sacrifice themselves and their children is simply wrong.


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