I do not need Feminism because…

I do not need Feminism because:

  • Feminism does not support the choice of a woman to prioritize spending time with her kids.
  • Feminism claims to be the voice for women but I am a women and the views in feminism do not represent me.
  • Feminism makes issues that should be inclusive of men into ‘woman’s issues’.
  • I am not, nor have I ever been oppressed.
  • No woman that I know is or has ever been oppressed.
  • I value fatherhood.
  • I value motherhood.
  • I see the good in the patriarchy and support many aspects of the patriarchy.
  • I have no interest in men and women being interchangeable and do not think the benefits of this will out way its negative effects.
  • I really do want women to have choices as opposed to being forced into a work-force incompatible with motherhood via affirmative action and educational funding of ‘woman’s education’
  • I am interested in a world that focuses more of its attention on male education and male issues so that women, children and society at large can benefit from having well equip fathers.

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