One more fundamental flaw in feminists thinking is that MOTHERHOOD sucks!

Feminists in the Caribbean seem to be of the belief that without gender interchangeability women will always be screwed.

They say that in the traditional setting men get independence and a family while in the setting in the Caribbean men get independence alone….. so that in both settings women lose because she is always one step behind the men.

So they are saying this:

Caribbean life is this:

While traditional life is this:

The flaw here is that they think that children are more of  BURDEN than a pleasure. They add children to this equation as a negative, when that is just false, children give just as much or even more (in my opinion) than they take. Children are and always have been a benefit!! That is really important!

So what it actually is this:

Caribbean life is this:

While traditional life is this:

And what the feminists want is this:

That is also equality IF the benefits and cost of children are shared equally but only IF that happens. Naturally I think it does get split evenly though but it is harder to split it evenly when the parents do not get along than in cases where they do get along.

It should be noted that since children do come with burdens (and joys) both the feminist model and the traditional model are better for men and women since they both attempt to split the burdens and joys associated with parenting between men and women. In this respect the Caribbean (black Caribbean) model is the worst model. And though feminists say they do not want that model it is exactly the model they are unintentional supporting.


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