Where have all the traditional men gone? Feminists women and traditional men are too nice.

In the debates about gender there are a few voices out there.  I spend a lot of time arguing with feminists on the Caribbean Feminists group on facebook.  For quite a while now one person who always attacks my comments is a male. Today while arguing he told me that if I go ahead with this traditional BS I will feel, those who cannot hear feel and when my husband beats me then I will see the purpose of feminism is.

Basically he was saying that people like me will get beaten by their men. It dawned on me today that this guy really does not care about women. I think in these debates the feminists women and the traditional men (I only actually know one: Jesse Powell (you can check out his website which is awesome)) are the nice, good-hearted people while the feminists men and traditional women are more self-seeking.

Feminists women somehow want to make life easier for men, they want to be independent in part so that men do not carry the burdens of society alone. While traditional men (or man, where are you traditional men??? I guess you all have too demanding jobs!) want to make life easier for women, they are okay with carrying the burdens of the provider and protector role.

I am pretty selfish and on top of that I have seen how badly women and children and therefore society can suffer when women are not supported by men so I am a traditionalist woman. And if society does want real social change and we do want to give up on traditionalism then I support structurally changing the system away from the patriarchy (as sad as that would be). Because trying to force matriarchal roles into a patriarchal structure is very damaging.

If women must work, let them work in a way that allows them to effectively mother, do not send them into a work place that has been designed in every way for men and expect their children to turn out fine.

And I want to add this song as a song of the day, it must be on my blog because it is driving feminists wild :0) so that makes me love it even though I probably would not have given it much time otherwise.

Though many feminists claim that the words to this song are sexist, they are not very different from many other hip hop songs, this song irritates them because of the uncut video where the women are naked. What feminism needs to get is that you can not have if both ways, you wanted sexual liberation?? This is sexual liberation!!!!


3 thoughts on “Where have all the traditional men gone? Feminists women and traditional men are too nice.

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  2. This is funny & I hear things like this happening a lot lately from other women. After my last breakup and a long break of not dating anyone I’m considering putting myself back out there. Everything that yiu mentionex is my worst fear. I will not tolerate it. If it happens (tab splitting/not holding the door open) there will not be a second date. Where does a woman to to meet traditional men? Please tell.

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