An important picture and great documentary about feminism!

This short documentary was probably made by a racist but it sums up very, very well what is going on.

Feminism is HORRIBLE for women and children and society! Towards the end this documentary there is an Islamic slant. You do not need to be Muslim to understand that what Muslims have is traditionalism. In the west we do not need to have something as extreme, but it is worth keeping a lot of what they have. There is a lot of truth in this documentary. Do not let the Islamic slant distract from the point that gender roles work!

Also please note that I think that extreme Traditionalism like what takes place in many Muslim countries is also HORRIBLE, and bad. We have come from such a situation in the west so I understand that that is where feminism comes from but we are approaching balance and so feminism needs to stop before we end up in an unbalanced world. Extreme liberalism is also not good for women, children, men and society.

This video below is Islam in an extreme form. The west is pretty far from there.


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