Women against feminism: SPEAK UP!

I wrote this a very long time ago: I am posting it just to put it out there.. Women against feminism need to speak up, traditional women need to speak up.

We need to form a group. We need to speak up and fight feminism.This is the link to a group http://seculartraditionalism.webs.com/ and this is my rant:

I am a women and I am NOT a feminist.

Yes I agree that women’s rights need to be address in several parts of the world but in 1st world western societies… for the most part women have enough rights.


I totally understand people who are fighting for the rights of women where they are really being oppressed and killed simply because they are women but in none of the places that I have ever lived are women being oppressed.

So modern-day feminist in 1st world western societies who claim that things are unfair towards women make no sense to me.

If anything, things are unfair towards MEN.

Another thing that annoys me about feminist is that regardless of the movements intentions (which I am sure are/were good), the movement as it is today is a contradiction.

Feminist say MEN and WOMEN are equal. Well please define equal???

Is equal the same? Or is equal the same in value.

Women and men are not the same, we are physically different, if we were the same then the words ‘woman’ and ‘man’ and ‘feminist’ would not exist.

Women and men are equal in value, society in no way treats women as less equal than men.

-Just because we are not treated the same does not mean that we are not equally valued!

-Just because you as a feminist see NO value in motherhood and praise being a fortune 500 CEO does not mean that all women have to see it that way.

FEMINISM needs to start respecting and VALUING womanhood!

I am not a feminist because the feminist model is based on a the idea that women need to become men. It devalues everything unique to women and asks women to push and fight to become as ‘valuable’ as men.

Nonsense! Women need to understand that  they are as valuable and men and they do not need to fight for it, they simply need to accept it.

We are the mothers of society, they are the fathers and those roles may be different but they are equally as valuable.

If you as a woman want to be a CEO of some great company, or the Prime Minister of your country or whatever, yes you have the feminist movements of the past to thank for the fact that it is now possible for you to do these things.

But on the other hand, if you as a woman want to be a mother and to make that your priority the feminist movement of today will do nothing to even try to get society to respect your choice, instead many career oriented feminists will say ‘what a waste of a woman’, or  ‘Let’s see what she does when her man decides to up and leave ha ha.. she will have no skills’

Feminism needs to become more balanced if they value members from the mothering community. Cause from what I have seen feminists respect women like me a lot less than men do. So men are not the problem.

Also these are old videos that I made:


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