How the war between feminists and traditionalist is a war between self and society.

Feminists are fighting for women to be free of the patriarchy. They want to be able to sleep around freely, have children without fathers, be equal to men in the sense that they control their own lives and answer to no one but themselves. To me feminism is a part of the extremely individualistic and capitalistic culture that we have today. Everything we hear today is about self. ‘’You must love yourself, or no one else will’’, “Sex is just sex”, “You only live once”, “Live for yourself”, “Live everyday like it is your last” ‘’Have sex for yourself”, “Be independent and support yourself”.

Our culture is telling us to seek instant gratification. They say do not have children because they are too much work, they say to enjoy your youth, to live in the moment; yet in every human the drive to satisfy ourselves is greater than the drive to satisfy society. So when you tell people to live in the now and to life free of obligations and future and society they really WILL do what is best for themselves. This to me is horrible. We are naturally inclined to seek what is best for ourselves so why should our culture promote this type of behavior so much more than it is needed?

Our culture should remind people to think of others, to do what is best for society, to think of the future. To have kids for the future and to create a world where your grandkids and their grandkids can be happy and live a balanced fulfilling life. Everything that we are taught today about how to live and about loving oneself seems very unnecessary to teach because people naturally do love themselves more than society. People also naturally love society, but since that love is less than one’s love for self it would make more sense for our culture to promote love of others.

Women should not seek to simply do what is best for themselves, and how do you even define self? Self to me is a reflection of the world around you. Society is in a huge way a part of yourself. People should not feel ashamed to love others more so than themselves, and others ARE a part of self. People do not need to love themselves in order to find love, and although you do only live once life continues once you are gone and caring about future generations should not be shamed. Creating a world that is not about self but is rather about society and things which in actually make up ‘’self’’ is the approach of traditionalist.

Traditionalism to me seeks to create a world of trading and a world that considers the future and future generations. Traditionalism says that sex is simply not sex because it can result in children who should be considered before sex happens. It says that children need guidance and attention and that women and men can come together and trade skills to create an optimal environment for children. It says that when these children grow into productive adults then society and therefore ‘’self’’ will benefit from their actions. It is a delayed gratification method of structuring one’s life and it is a social (rather than self) oriented method of structuring society.

Both feminism and traditionalism are dangerous if practiced in extreme ways. Another perspective on traditionalism in relation to socialism is quoted below:

Traditionalism is the socialist model of structuring families. It is model of co-dependence that does not rely on competition to drive it. It promotes monogamy so that everyone gets a piece of the pie. Everyone gets access to sex. Everyone gets a spouse and can get access to ‘’work/the profits of male work’’ and access to sex and children. It is socialist at its heart.

Liberalism is the capitalist way of structuring society. We sleep around and there is no commitment. Sex or work is not guaranteed. In these societies many people go without being able to have children and many children do not get access to male work. The men who are richest or compete and end up successful with the biggest prey etc. get the most sex. This is the most natural way and it is the way we spent most of our existence.

We as a society have to be careful not to let either side completely win the war between self and society, because once one side wins we all lose!


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