Quotes and images that I love!

As far as I can tell, both sides do their damage.

Neoconservative emphasis on the nuclear family cuts people off from natural extended family ties and makes the unit much more geographically mobile, much more socially isolated, and consequently much more easily exploited by industry and commerce.

Liberal detraction from the importance of personal role models, father figures, structure, and order tends to destabilise the natural structures in which healthy families develop, and the liberal keenness to defend the status of single mothers, homosexuals, transsexuals (etc) blows those issues out of all proportion to their actual importance and distracts from the importance of the relationships that most people form and most people rely on (ie: monogamous heterosexuality).

Neither of the two sides which prevail in US politics can claim the family for their own. In their own ways, they are both enemies of the family.

men are attracted to weakness.
women are attracted to strength.

the last quote is not true but I will explain why I like it soon.

I’m going to let you in on something that will truly shock you….
Happiness isn’t a result of driving a nice car, drinking expensive champagne, or smoking Cuban cigars.
There have been plenty of extremely rich people commit suicide and plenty of impoverished people who were very happy.

The things that cause one to be happy are: Mental health, healthy relationships, basic physical needs being met, purpose or drive to accomplish something.

Those things are what make someone happy or not. Take 1 trillion dollars but have none of those and you will be miserable.
Become a homeless man and have all of them and you will be happy.

Money can help with some of them, but in general it just serves as a distraction.



5 thoughts on “Quotes and images that I love!

  1. As much as I promote it, there is always a downside to the “nuclear” family. Families today are very separated but not wholly because of the nuclear family. Most people no longer farm or live with their extended family as we often have throughout human history. The nuclear family is a wonderful invention but it would be much better if families stayed closer together.

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