Bad advice in a don’t marry before you are 30 article!

Why I think this article is bad advice.

This writer says that she has it all, a career, the man of her dreams and great kids and she has it because she married late! Now I think that that is great for her but I could easily say the opposite. I have it all, a career (or at least what I always dreamed of work-wise), the man of my dreams and great kids and I think I also got it all because I married young (at 22 years). What’s more I have years and years of pretty dam good memories with my husband and kids.

So yea marry when you meet the guy of your dreams regardless of what age you are at. What I think she is right about is that it does take work to find the guy of your dreams, it does not just happen naturally. Well it does, but you should also have and idea of what you want and go out looking for him.

What I hate though is the idea that you should not commit to someone because you are lonely or when you are not 100% happy. Right now in my life I am 100% happy lol.. actually I am 150% or 300000000%. I really just have a very perfect life at the moment, but that was not how I was before I met my husband. In fact, I was pretty depressed, I had given up on men or the idea of ever finding a good guy and then I met my husband.

There is no black and white in love, there is no you need to be independent first, or you need to love yourself first, or you need to have a career first. There are tips and things that help. Maybe a career helps, but it is not a necessity. You just need to connect on a deep level. To be understood and to understand the person. I am so happy that I had my children young, I am very happy that I put my career on hold for them and that I am now growing the type of business I always dreamed of. Having children when you are old is not always the best idea as she claims either, because health risk can increase then and you can enjoy your kids at any age.

I am also happy that I have years of blissful memories with my husband when we were young and when we traveled the world together and grew together. I am happy to know so much about him and his past. I mean I know every story, every job he ever had, how he got the job, what the people he worked with were like. There is an intimacy that comes from that unlike any other intimacy I know. The fact that he has been there all through my studies and just though my development; it rocks to have your husband know you so well. And we laugh about things from the past everyday. Marry when you find the man of your dreams, it is just that simple. Nothing more, or nothing else. You do not have to be 30 and you do not have to have a career, you have to be committed and in love!

So Mrs. Joy Chen, Congratulations but I disagree! It worked for you but that does not mean it will work for most people.


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