More feminist pictures.

If by well behaved women you mean homemakers, those are the mothers of history. Women who committed to men and did not sleep around made history far more than ”not so well behaved women” because they enabled men to work together and to focus on technology and they were the mothers of the most successful societies. It is their languages we speak and their customs we practice and that is all because they were well behaved. So well behaved women do make history, far more so than liberal minded women do!

So single is great to feminists when a woman does it, but when men do it we get this photo:

Yes women have contributed to science but it is not a competition okay, and if it was women certainly would not be the ones to win!

What does define our beauty? Cause as superficial as it is the word beauty is about looks. It is about size, is just a superficial trait. It is beauty. We have other words for less superficial traits which are also important. Words like intelligence and empathy.

Rape is a serious issue, but women and family members also have a duty to protect themselves by not putting themselves in dangerous situations. I agree with what you say about not joking about rape but also please acknowledge that women do have a responsibility to protect themselves and that family members have a responsibility to protect young girls. Many survivors that I know were raped when they were too young to even understand what was being done to them and their mothers were at work. Being present as a mother is important!

Okay maybe women do get asked silly questions, but so do men. People just ask silly questions.

Lol, I do not really think so. But would you be offended if someone said when women do something half as good as men everyone goes bravo! As if they have done something twice as good as they have? Then why aren’t you offended by the text above?

If they want to run for the house and the senate! But if not leave them alone!!!

There is no pleasing feminists. Damned if you do, damned if you do not. As far as I know there are no laws prohibiting men from wearing dresses, if it was something they wanted to do, they would. Maybe the overwhelming majority of guys have not yet come in touch with their desire to BE women. Give them time. Also keep in mind that dresses are not as comfortable as pants are and that the purpose of a dress is to make your hips look wider which is purely a beauty thing. Men find wider hips sexier because it means you are less likely to die in child birth.

Wait aren’t feminists trying to make slutism and whorism out to be the best thing since sliced bread? It is empowering to be a slut right? Sleeping around is great? Why? Oh cause men can do it so we should do it too!

That is true. You are pretty amazing. We all are!

So then what is it with this why aren’t there more scientist etc.? Stay at home moms and housewives are aware that work sucks, that is why we do not want to be scientist and judges!

Okay I am not sexually attracted to females. I am sorry, I just am not. I can and do have female friends who I love, but the thought of sharing my life with them would mean that I would have to go out and find men to have sex with ever two to three days or at least have a male fuck buddy in every place that I live. That is pretty unappealing to me because sex and touch in that way is a part of love to me.

Yes okay, intelligence is beautiful. I would have liked to see that photo show a less good looking female though 😛

If by work you mean the work one produces, then yes. Equal work deserves equal pay. We already have that though, and we have had it for quite some time. It is just the way the economy works. If two farmers produce the same amount and same quality tomatoes anyone buying those tomatoes would be a fool to pay one farmer more just because he is a male!  And if he priced his produce higher because he was a male everyone would buy from the female farmer. The wage gap is present because women do not do equal work when compared to men.

This is true. Equal but different!

Patriarchy is in your head, smash away!

That should read feminism is the radical notion that women are MEN!


There are laws against rape. Rape can cost a person years in prison, a bullet can not!

What if they want to submit to there husbands and attend to their children? If that is better for society and would make them happier than submitting to their bosses and putting their children in day care or after school programs?

What about all the bedding he is wearing? When this comes from a Muslim woman I can take her seriously. If Muslim women do not want to dress like that they need to protest against it.

Exactly! Sad that the comments to this picture seemed to indicate that people actually think equal pay means the woman should get the same pay as the guy in the picture. They have different jobs. Equal pay does not mean they should get the same pay. Not unless you live in a communist society

Lol not true. No modern day woman would last very long in prehistoric times. What without painkillers, formula, birth control…. she might find herself needing to depend on a man and then what will she do?

Yes but they also seem to understand what it means. They understand that we can be of equal value without being identical or interchangeable.

I do not know anything much about muslim women. Maybe they need feminism, but that is for THEM to decide.

This is pretty reflective of real life. In chess the King dies to protect his Queen. You would think the Queen would appreciate this instead of making fun of him.

Yup anyone can misunderstand the meaning of equality!

So are you saying I am a doormat because I cook, clean and take care of my children? Oh yes that is right, that is what you are saying because you are a feminist!

Oh so feminism does have a meaning. Because you guys have been pretty elusive about that.

Yet feminist do not complain that construction jobs are dominated by men or any other low paid, menial job. Nope, let men have the jobs, we will only complain if it is a high paid job that looks easy. What about the fact that mostly female teachers are teaching our boys?

The wage gap is not real. Prepare your daughter for a happy life; keep her away from feminism!

Maybe she is a rape victim? To me men are much more quiet and have a much harder time speaking out about anything from abuse to rape to emotions to anything. Men are the silenced sex.

For your children’s sake forget you ever heard about feminism. For your children’s sake you do need a man. For your children’s sake stay close to them and protect them.

Cause men are all evil and women are all o-oh!

Listen to men for a change!

I am pro-choice but I would prefer that if women are going to have unprotected sex that women are encouraged to put themselves in a position where it is okay to get pregnant. Also although it is your own body you are destroying an entirely new human being. You are destroying a body that is not your own.

No person can be defined as strong or weak. We are all a lot more similar than you think. There are not strong women and weak men. We ALL have insecurities and feminists are no different! Men opposed to the idea of feminist women are not necessarily weak they just have the ability to see that no one can do it all. The are humble enough to admit that we need each other.

Yep that is what you girls are doing. I think most women would be happier finding and marring the men they wanted to marry rather than becoming them. Men would be happier as well.

And feminists say men should care less about looks lol.

Okay just please try and understand that to be equal to men you do not have to be a man.

No, she is like a fish without water.

I love traditional men!

Society has told men not to rape. Men get put in prison for rape, do you get put in prison for how you dress?? It was advice. Good advice. Society has told men not to rape way more than it ever told you how to dress.

There are just as many famous smart women out there as there are famous smart men. Some women do get famous via their breast, but often that is their choice and aren’t feminist all about choice!

Girls and BOYS are the future. Give boys proper role models or you are screwing over the next generations.

And men can not understand those problems?

Everyone ”buys” someone once they choose a partner that is what the analogy means. It means choosing someone. Why would you buy the cow, means why would you pick to spend your life with someone and commit to them.

Extremist also try to control men. They try to control everyone. The use men to fight their wars. If making someone die for you is not a form of control I d not know what is.

Women are the weaker sex. Men can go through all of that too and they DO. The weaker sex comment is a physical comment. Most men are stronger than most women so women just are the weaker sex.

The wage gap does not exist.

Yes your choice but please take my advice. Do not have unprotected sex unless you are okay with getting pregnant! It is not just your body involved, as soon as you conceive a child is becomes about your body and the body of a new human being.

If feminists believe this why do they make such a huge fuss over Muslim women being oppressed because they where more clothes than western women?

Yes but so are men’s rights. So how about we make all laws gender neutral??


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