Men value looks (and kindness) and women value money; here’s why!

Here’s the thing biology intended for men and women to have different focuses.

Remember essentially without science we can define women and men by saying women make babies and feed infants and men do not make babies or feed infants freeing them up to do other things with their time.

So males are naturally inclined to focus on other things (ie bringing in the bacon), while females are naturally inclined to focus on child care.

The most important factor determining how well a women will do her job of raising children is how kind she is and her health and her looks. If she has big breast she is more likely to be successful at breastfeeding. If she has a wide hips she is less likely to die during childbirth. If she has great hair she is eating well and more likely to conceive a child and provide a good home to that child both during pregnancy and after. Similarly how kind you are to him is an indication of how nice you will be to his kids. So women the most important thing about you to a man is instinctively going to be how you look and how nice you are!

Women throughout evolution have been taking care of babies so we are naturally inclined to be pregnant and tied to our offspring. So women are naturally incline to be impressed by how well a man can take care of her when she and her children are in a state where they cannot take care of themselves. In our past this had nothing to do with money though so we unlike men are not instinctively attracted to money but rather we are mentally attracted to it, instinctively we are still attracted to bad boys because they once represented good providers. So guys; no matter what a woman tells you, she is naturally inclined to be impressed by your wallet!

Now feminists can you please stop spamming my facebook with message like this:

because it is all BS, men are attracted to your looks because biologically it indicates that having sex with you will produce a child that is likely to survive and you are attracted to rich guys and bad boys for the very same reason; you biologically think having sex with them will produce a child whose chances of survival are high!


3 thoughts on “Men value looks (and kindness) and women value money; here’s why!

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