The historical wars between traditional and liberal societies.

Traditional societies will always win the war between traditional and liberal societies.

I spoke about my early society theories here. Traditional societies are based upon having relationships between men and women which helps males to not be marginalized and causes them to work together while contributing to family life and society instead of competing while contributing. Liberal societies devalue the male female relationship and boys become marginalized because they are not a part of the family unit.

I think traditional societies throughout history have won the majority of the wars not because they are more aggressive or better at fighting but because they cooperate better and the males were able to develop better technology that allowed them to increase their numbers at faster rates and allowed them to fight smarter. And that is why I think traditional societies will always win the war. This argument actually speaks in favor of women being in the work force though because it is in part based on the fact that the more diverse the group of people working together the better the resulting technology will be.

It should also be noted that traditional societies have been typically against homosexuality; which seems to be a very natural form of birth-control. Being against homosexuality therefore meant higher populations. Higher populations meant having a better chance in any war.

The best indicator that traditional societies have won all the wars of the past is religion. The world’s major religions all support monogamy (christianity, islam, hinduism, others?). I think these religions actually made it so far because the societies that used them supported monogamy and gender roles and therefore lead to a more productive society. Monogamy led to males (the stronger sex) being more useful to society and being able to develop better technology.

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