Pictures from a feminists group on Facebook!

More proof that when feminists say equality they mean interchangeability. What if women want to prioritize their kids and leave certain jobs up to men?? Why do we have to have 50/50 there. Why? Who does it benefit?

Well there is family, friends… people love each other. We are in this world together, your life is not only about you!

how can feminists not see that it is MEN who are told what to wear and what not to wear by society? how many men do you see wearing girl clothes? how many girls do you see wearing pants? We have the freedom to choose, they do not!

He can, but not as well as you can! Unfortunately evolution did not prepare him to do that job as well as it prepared women. Do you know that by not breastfeeding you increase your chances of getting breast cancer?

I am a woman who loves cleaning. I like having my role in the kitchen and my sex life rocks! Do women get orgasms from getting up every morning and going to work?? I hope not!

No person can be defined as strong or weak. We are all a lot more similar than you think. There are not strong women and weak men. We ALL have insecurities and feminists are no different! Men opposed to the idea of feminist women are not necessarily weak they just have the ability to see that no one can do it all. The are humble enough to admit that we need each other.

You were raised to see your role as a mother because your mother was a mother and you somehow saw her as a role model. Great that you can see that you do not want kids, great that you have access to birth control to help you will that. I am happy for you and I could not support you more!

What is a real man? Okay then real women do not sell themselves. Tell me again why your soulmate must have a job or be living on his own? Why must he be independent and dependable? Why should he be good looking or even smart for that matter? People want certain traits in the people who they commit to and if a guy thinks he wants a girl who is not willing to sleep with him before commitment then more power to him! He is still a real man because you do not get to define that term.

Lol. Surprise, surprise more shaming fro the feminists! But well this one I actually like it is funny.

Do not worry girls you will get your way soon. It will be normal to see female breast soon enough, the only problem is that when you do get your way you will start to complain about the fact that women are judged so much by their breast that they are all insecure! There is no pleasing feminists!

No human is an island! You will get nowhere by yourself. Yes contribute to society but you are and will always be dependent on society and on men. What humans want most in life is love and happiness and women cannot get that without men just as men can not get that without women. We are naturally dependent upon each other can we please accept it ans work within that premise?

Nope a feminist is someone who does not understand the meaning of the word equality and who has very little respect for our human instincts.

More evidence that feminist do not get the concept behind equality.

Complete BS, nobody asks anyone interesting questions, cause we are all to scared to talk about anything!

The picture above is called sleeping good personality. I want to know if the person who drew that cartoon sees the blatant double standard present in that picture. A strong, handsome prince-like male turns his nose up at a fat girl with a good personality. Do any of these stories teach girls to fall for males with good personalities??

I found this picture on a feminist blog. This picture claims that men and women are both taught to value female beauty instead of a good personality. But what about men, feminists claim to want equality rights huh? A more equal approach to this discussion would have been to also put a caption like ‘’broke good personality’’ next to a suitor dressed in dirt-poor clothing and question what men and women are taught to value in men as well. But that would be too much for feminists.

There are biological reasons why people value beauty the world is not conspiring to oppress women. See more on this here.

Yup that is right! Women no longer need men, we have each other. Women will raises kids alone and boy children will suffer, but who cares? As long as women are happy all is well.

Sexism favors everyone. We as a society need to embrace sexism because no matter how much we want the sexes to be identical that is just not the case.

Shouldn’t this read ”And the vagrant/beggar shared his deepest feelings, encouraged her in her own career…”. Feminists double standards never cease to amaze!


Because women do not need men. ALL would include men!

There is no discrimination in Superman or Batman or any of the other comics. Men have been the protectors of society forever. It is just a fact.



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