Some commentary on an article and a picture. Woman up!

The picture above is called sleeping good personality. I want to know if the person who drew that cartoon sees the blatant double standard present in that picture. A strong, handsome prince-like male turns his nose up at a fat girl with a good personality. Do any of these stories teach girls to fall for males with good personalities??

I found this picture on a feminist blog. This picture claims that men and women are both taught to value female beauty instead of a good personality. But what about men, feminists claim to want equality rights huh? A more equal approach to this discussion would have been to also put a caption like ‘’broke good personality’’ next to a suitor dressed in dirt-poor clothing and question what men and women are taught to value in men as well. But that would be too much for feminists.

The next article I would like to discuss is this article.

My question to this writer is when will people understand that sex is not just about you. Masturbation is just about you, but sex is an act which involves at least two people and which has a significant chance of resulting in an entirely new human being.

If feminists understood that simple statement they would see that sex can only really be ‘’sex’’ with the use of effective birthcontrol. Without the use of birthcontrol the following makes no sense:

I don’t care if f*cking on the first date might not be something he likes in the long run. I don’t care if he “won’t respect me” or he “won’t call me back.” If that’s the kind of man he is, what do I want with him?

Why am I f*cking to please him when I should be f*cking to please myself?


I can’t consistently sit down and take this wildly misogynist perspective through which society views sex.

If a guy doesn’t respect me for doing the very same thing he’s doing, then he can go f*ck himself. I wouldn’t want to be with someone like that anyway. A real man doesn’t revel in his hypocrisy.

And if you think I’m damaged goods, that’s all well and good for you, but I’ve met men who know the sordid details of my sexual history and still think I deserve to be respected. Why? Because my sexuality isn’t rooted in my insecurity. I’m not f*cking for the sake of others. I’m f*cking for myself.

Ladies, stop having sex for someone else. Stop placing yourself at someone else’s scrutiny; stop making it okay to judge you. Stop feeling like a slut. If you want to f*ck, do so freely.


This writer is way off. There is no misogynist way in which we view sex, there is a biological way. Women need to woman up! We are the ones who get pregnant, we are the ones who have to deal with the consequence of having sex. We cannot do the same thing as a male and rightly so because males do not get pregnant while we do! And for the record males should not be sleeping around either because responsible males actually understand that once their child is born they have to father that child.

Sex and f*ucking is not just about you though. It symbolizes the potential conception of a new human and that is why whorism and slut like behavior is not respected and probably never will be. Being a slut and sleeping with a guy whose views on your behavior you do not even know shows that you care very little about the life that you can potentially create. Call it a double standard all you want but it exist for a reason; women are the gate keepers of sex because we have the most to lose. We have always been the ones to get pregnant and raise children. That is changing, but understand that that is why the double standard exist.

The thing is though what she says makes complete sense for someone not wanting to have children and someone on an effective form of birth control but for everyone else it does not work!


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