Why MRA should support Traditionalism.

Recently MRAs have started attacking traditionalism. At first it was only the feminists that we had to fight against but now we also have to fight off the attacks of MRAs. The thing is traditionalism is not a Men’s Right issue.

The problem men face today is that because of feminism women want the GOOD parts of traditionalism; child support, male protection, male work, male utility etc. and the GOOD parts of liberalism/matriarchy; independence, sexual freedom etc. They want men to take on the responsibility of children without the benefits that nature intended. This obviously will not work and that is why we have the MRA in the first place.

Traditionalism is a much more balanced approach than feminism, I get why liberal minded MRAs would personally not want to be a traditionalist, but to me bashing traditionalism from a Men’s Right point of view is as misguided as feminist claiming that being a housewife is oppressive.

Also children need role models and without a male father-figure contributing to family or community life  involving children then boys do not begin structuring their lives in a positive way.

Boys then search for role models in society and are met with people who only care about what they can get from them rather than people who love them; they end up joining gangs and committing crime.

Nature intended for this to be the case. Nature intended for boys to be marginalized so that they could go out into the world and compete with and steal from other tribes, and so that they would compete with each other to bring home the biggest prey. This was a survival mechanism but it does not work in today’s society.

Traditionalism is what allowed men to be a part of the family and community involving children. Traditionalism and the idea of commitment is why fathers are called fathers and without it society reverts to the natural society where women sleep with so many men no one can be called father and where women raise children and where boys are marginalized.


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