Why do we need to have weddings?

Warning: This like everything else on this blog is JUST an opinion.

Why do we need to have weddings? Why? Do we enjoy throwing money away? Marriage is a commitment to spend the rest of your life with a person, you do not need a priest or a pastor or your parents or anyone to witness that commitment. It is between you and him (and if you are religious the God too). Should your parents and friends want to see you get married sure they can throw a ceremony.

But it is just a ceremony, it is not marriage. In my opinion I was married to my husband about 2 years before our wedding. We got married in bed after Sunday-afternoon sex when we both made a commitment to spend our lives together; that was the day that I will always remember as the day I got married. The wedding was for my parents and more importantly so that I could get his last name and be able to travel with him without any trouble (it was for convenience, nothing else). And it cost nothing. Not one dollar. We wore clothes we always had and used rings we had from two years before because getting married to us was about US and no one else.


2 thoughts on “Why do we need to have weddings?

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