Traditionalism did not put men into boxes.

I saw a comment on youtube today about traditionalism putting men into boxes and I want to say that traditionalism did not put men into boxes. Men and women were both born in boxes. Biology put both men and women into boxes, traditionalism took men out of the box they were put into by biology and put them into a better box; traditionalism allowed men to be a part of a family unit.

Science has taken women out of their box by giving women birth control; science has allowed women to enter the male boxes. Men have not yet been able to enter the female boxes because science has not yet given men the ability to get pregnant (and it probably never will).

Traditionalism did however seek to define things like manliness and character which may have been useful at some point in our past but is no longer useful today. So yes we can get rid of the idea that in order to qualify as a man you should act a certain way but it does not mean we have to throw away every traditional idea just because some of them are no longer necessary or beneficial.


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