The ball is in our court ladies!

At this very moment in time women still actually have all the power in this war but that is about to change. When men stop seeing value in relationships and commitment women will lose all of their power. And in a world without relationships you still get pregnant while he does not.

Women you need to wise up. If you want to have kids, shouldn’t you want to provide them with an environment in which they can thrive? If you miss work or a career while on maternity leave ask yourself what aspects of working are you really missing. If it is communicating with other adults all day find a way to communicate with other adults while being close to your kids. If you miss working on something besides your child, find a way to work while being close to your child. If it is simple making money or the security of having money of your own re-evaluate your priorities and find a way to make money while being close to/present for your children.

Feminism is empowering women but it is also destroying us. In seeking to make women equal to men feminists promote the devaluation of the things that make us different from men. And both women and children have had a long history of finding happiness through these very practices we are beginning to devalue. The ball is in the female court though, all women really need to start doing is rejecting feminism and prioritizing our families. We can still work, but if economically possible our kids and spouses should take priority. Focus on family first and work in your spare time, not the other way around.

Also women need to start understanding just how unfair the world is to men today. Women need to take the same Red pill that guys have taken. And on a more personal note women need to stop being so materialistic. Understand that marriage as it is, is not fair to men, and encourage your husband to either sign a prenuptial agreement or stay away from marriage. So basically what I am trying to say is that women need to start understanding how bad the situation for men is right now and they need to stop being afraid to embrace their femininity and care for their kids and men.


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