Step 2: have dating standards

What do you really want from a woman? If all you want is sex and someone to enjoy your life with or to gain a sense of stable companionship from, then lifelong commitment may not be for you. You can have a relationship without committing for life. Men can go their own way without affecting anyone when they do not have kids, but when they do have kids they need to understand their role as a role model and how important it is to their kid’s lives that they do not go their own way and that they work with the mother of their kids to create a certain type of environment.

So my advice to future fathers is to have dating standards! The mother of your children should prioritize her children. Her career should be planned around her kids, not the other way around. Throughout our evolutionary history mothers have always prioritized their kids; it is the only way their genes had a chance of making it into the next generation. Children are hardwired to expect and to thrive under conditions where they are prioritized. I am not saying that the mother of your children should have no career at all, but her kids should come first to her.

Date and commit to traditional women and more and more traditional women will start coming out of the closet. And if you do date and commit to a woman whose career is more important to her than her kids then please make sure that she understands the importance of having both parents play a role in the lives of her children and YOU should ideally be the one who will plan their career around your kids. You need to have a flexible job that allows you to be present in the lives of your children.

I personally think it works better when the female prioritizes the kids because it gives her room to get pregnant again and to breastfeed comfortably but the male prioritizing the kids is better than no one doing it, just as long term commitment is better for children than short-term. So yes when thinking about kids think about long term commitment and have dating standards!!!


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