Step 1: take the real red pill

In my opinion the red pill that MRA claim to have taken when they wake up to the fact that men are not nor have ever been the oppressors of women but in fact are being used and devalued by women is in fact another version of the blue pill. To me MRA is still in the matrix. Maybe I am still in the matrix but these views are from my perspective and no one can actually know when they are in the matrix right?

So to me women used liberalism and feminism to gain certain rights for females that at one point in our history were male rights. Women gained all these rights but never gave up the older rights that were always female rights. Males did not gain any rights throughout this time period, so now we have an unbalanced situation. MRA are trying to use liberalism and egalitarianism to gain the rights that were once female rights for men; this is how they seek to correct the current imbalance.

The real red pill is that although in a legal sense this is the correct approach in a societal sense this is completely the wrong approach because it is in compatible with the nature of most men and women and will lead to society structured biology rather than society. It leads to unstable relationships, broken homes and marginalized men. If you are someone who plans to never have kids and you can find happiness in a system that deems men and women to be interchangeable then this system can work for you, but that does not mean it can work for most people.

As soon as you bring children into the picture then the importance of a traditional family or community comes into play. When children are in the picture men and women have to work together for life. Men and women have to show children that they each have a crucial and indispensable role to play within family life and within society. And even before children for many men and many, many women our biology causes us to be attracted traits in the opposite sex that are more easily distributed throughout a population using a traditional model as opposed to the liberal model.

The liberal model also creates very attractive traits in both men and women, but you often end up with a lot of beta/less attractive males and very few attractive/alpha males within a liberal setting. The point is though that the Red pill that MRA have taken is a liberal red pill. The real Red pill is being able to look at the differences between both models and picking and choosing the best parts of both. The real Red pill is broadening your view and not rejecting something because you do not like the label.

There are good and very useful parts of Traditionalism, just as there are horrible and destructive parts; like they say ‘’do not throw the baby out with the bath water!’’.


2 thoughts on “Step 1: take the real red pill

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