Am I also a liberal traditionalist?

Yesterday I saw an article on about a same sex couple expecting a baby girl. And I thought that that is really great that society has reached a place where it is okay for gay people to adopt or have children. If someone can offer a loving and wonderful home to children they should be able to.

What I think is that gay people will never be in the majority (unless we evolve culturally in that direction) and so same sex couples raising a minority of children is okay; a society with some structure can handle that. The kids will not be harmed and so it should be allowed.

To me within societies current structure non-traditional behavior is okay in the minority and laws should essentially be liberal so that everyone is accommodated. But culturally traditionalism being practiced by the majority of people gives society a structure which is beneficial. So I am a traditionalist when it comes to my ideas of what the majority of people ‘’should’’ do, but I am a liberalist when it comes to laws because everyone’s life-style should be supported by the law not just the majority!

If the majority of parents were to be gay then the structure of society would have to change to accommodate it.


3 thoughts on “Am I also a liberal traditionalist?

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  3. So, what don’t children need? A mother, or a father?

    Or how about women’s wombs being seen as a cheap way to make babies for homosexuals that want nothing to do with women and hate the fact that they need a woman’s egg to have a child? Or lesbians, who hate the fact that they need a man’s sperm to create children?

    There is no evolutionary benefit to homosexuality. None. Before you scream: BUT IT HAPPENS IN NATURE! One of two things occurs:

    1. The man behind that theory was gay.
    2. It’s not love. It’s rape.

    Children need a mother and father in stable families. You can’t expect a kid deliberately created to serve the personal benefits of a homosexual couple because they’re entitled to it to grow up normal. They don’t. They’re sexual, deranged, damaged, and have low success rates in life. You can’t ignore biology.

    So maybe do a bit of reading before babbling nonsense. You’re not Red Pilling by using the useful idiot arguments of the Left.

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